SAM 01

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New journal of art and photography has arised in Slovakia – Slovak Art Magazine -SAM. It is an unique project in these times because it`s free and accessible online. The way to his birth was very short suprisingly. We decided to establish it not even three months ago. SAM is our child with the ambition to bring you the joy of art and photograhy. Due to the fact that we do it in our leisure time it will be issued quarterly. Magazine is free to download at our website in PDF format or you can list it directly online.

In this first issue you can read an interview with a pioneer of moderm slovak advertising photography – Fedor Nemec, look at a portrait of artist Róbert (Viktor) Němeček, list portfolios of young and talented slovakian photographers and graphic artists, whose production has been named „New Vave“ and enjoy nice pictures of others great foreign photographers. Also we must not to forget on our promotion of Slovakia written by our friend Tibor Rendek to whom we thanks for a help.  You can pick some menu from our home cuisine as well. We are presenting old Van Dyke technique and bringing a short report from the coast of Florida.

Hope you will enjoy and looking forward on your feedback.

Fedor Nemec

Viktor Němeček

Peter Čákovský

Dia Takácsová

Martin Haburaj

Mária Švarbová

Martin Kubala

Emil Stojek

Martin Stranka

Lukáš Peterec

Pawel Klarecki


  • Process Van Dyke – Karol Križan


  • Silent beach days – Juraj Marec