SAM 04

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“Art from the aesthetic point of view represents the outer reality and it transforms it by mimesis (simple copy of reality by Platon) and illusion.”(wikipedia). We do not think much about the definition where the art starts and ends.  And that’s right. We feel it.  It`s obvious that art is subjective and everybody feels it in a different manner.  For one something is nice and interesting, for others the same thing is being just nonsense or kitsch. But the meaningful definition of art is the art as well. But let’s go out of these vicious circles.

In this issue you can find almost two tenths of authors from all over the world included experienced and also beginners who devote themselves in different kinds of visual art. The selection of authors doesn`t depend just on their will to be published without any reward but also on our subjective point of view on art itself. We publish works we like and which represent for us the ideal combination of mimesis and illusion. We hope in having of those two important parts of art for the future.

By Sigmund Freud artists are perverted and sick persons. Such a „crawler“.