SAM 08

Download PDF (94 MB)

Download PDF (94 MB)

Three months passed since the last issue. Three months full of turbulent events. Europe survived massive floods; North America experiences hurricanes, an in this way we could mention more negative events. It has started to be common for major broadcasts that positive news which gives joy is not much promoted. We believe that the new issue of SAM magazine is good news for you, in the same way as it is being for us.

We bring you a lot of great photos from amazing photographers, photos which please your eyes and soul. Someone may be delighted, another will be forced to muse and perhaps motivated to further creation. Holiday season is starting in Europe and many of us go abroad. Some will have a rest, but most certainly will take cameras and will shoot many beautiful pictures. We hope that you will send us those pictures so the readers will enjoy them in the next issue of our magazine.

Veronika Sochůrek - Albumin print

Juraj Vohnout - Vlkolínec