SAM 10

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Download PDF (94 MB)

SAM celebrates tenth anniversary. This issue is specific in that it comes at Christmas time when Western civilization is probably in the biggest rush of the year. Inspite of that we could not resist and we invite you to a winter walk in hand with creative art presented. We did not meet some targets  which we announced in the last issue. For example, we were not able to prepare the traveler’s photo report and follow up on a great story from Iceland. Nevertheless, we bring other interesting and original articles by authors Peter Šedý and Rosemary Horn. We believe that, as in previous issue also in this issue, everyone will find what he likes. After all, the world of photography and visual arts is so rich and  we are glad that we can contribute a bit and promote great authors who have something to say to the world. This is the main reason for our existence. Our editors wish you a pleasant browsing online, or convenient PDF viewing on your tablet. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Jakub Gulyás

Klaudia Ligačová

Andrea Koporova

Erik Müller

Martin Brojo

Veronika Čierniková

Peter a Veronika

Mina Sorvino

Ionut Caras

Harry Fayt

Shikhei Goh


Dariusz Klimczak

Samuil Velichkov

Petr Šedý - Nature through vintage lenses

Rosemary Horn - Unconventional technique of anthotype

Photo club IRIS - Introducing photo clubs