SAM 11

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SAM has breathed new life into the eleventh issue and next decade. Our magazine has established close cooperation with Robert Vano Gallery as it is evidenced by two articles about photographers, covered by portal In each issue we have an ambition to present at least one “invisible photographer”. We are pleased by the quantity of pictures which have been submitted to our g@llery. We tried to responsibly choose the best, but a few shots were kept as a reserve for the twelfth issue. We are really happy and looking forward to each of the photos sent. We have also to mention the very last article of the eleventh issue; a great photo report from The Archipelago of Svalbard, shot, written and sent by Anette Mossbacher from Switzerland (Anette was featured in SAM 05). It is really worth to click through to the last page. We wish you a pleasant browsing…

Ondřej Janů

Anton Martinec

Ivana Levčíková

Matej Rumanský

Branislav Boďa

Jana Sedláková

Radovan Škohel

Tomi Thor

Carmelita Iezzi

Luděk Cigánek

Mustafa Dedeoglu

Daniel Řeřicha

Wolfgang Mothes

Richard Tuschman

Alexander Stepanenko

Renata Vogl

Photoclub Galanta

Photographic journey to Svalbards – Anette Mossbacher