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As the editor of SAM which publishing is freezed for now (or FB page is still alive) I want to thank you for your support you have been giving to us. All issues of SAM are still available and downloadable in our archive.

But I am happy that can introduce our new web dofoto dedicated to documentary photography. It`s ambition is to become the base of photographers and a source of inspiration for all who loves documentary. It creates a possibility for presentation of great photographic series which are often unknown and not as recognized as they should be from our point of view. Site contains interviews with interesting personalities and reviews of photographic events and exhibitions. Our team is not afraid to present it`s view on the current state of documentary photography in Slovakia and we believe in constructive discussion.

Dofoto EN

dofoto shows the best of the emerging document in Slovakia and abroad. It sets and raises the quality standards of photographic series which are born in long-term projects, which go in depth and do not result in psychological superficiality and flatness.

I recommend you great interview with iranian photographer Fatemeh Behboudi or essay by Kim Thue.

dofoto will show life the way it really is and will publish stories of heaviness, love, difficulty and stories about people and their inner world. Our website contains the list of great photographers who devoted their carrier to capture the LIFE.

Juraj Marec


The 26th International Month of Photography Festival begins.

For the twenty-sixth year, Bratislava comes to life with photography throughout the month of November. This year will focus on two opposing lines of contemporary photography in the last 30 years; the neo-conceptual and narrative movements in photography. A special group of expositions will be formed by those works that accompany the release of the latest volume of, the History of European Photography of the 20th Century. This book is the most comprehensive research, and publication, achievement by the festival organizers; it has been developed in cooperation with other photography professionals from 36 European countries. The launching ceremony for the third and the final volume will map the history of photography from 1970 – 2000. The focus will not only be on ”the great photographic powers of the West” but also on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, from Albania to Ukraine, making it the first publication of its kind. The launching ceremony for the third volume will be held in the Albertina in Vienna and in the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava with the participation of all European authors.

After a years break, three important exhibitions at Kunsthalle will be opened. The highlights of this years festival will undoubtedly include the contemporary Spanish photographer Chema Madoz who became world famous thanks mostly to his surreal black and white photographs of objects, created with a great deal of ingenuity.

Chema Manoz

Chema Manoz

From Serbia, we are going to introduce private photographs of the communist politician Josip Broz Tito. At the collective exhibition of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) archive you can see dozens of prominent photographers documenting rural and small town life America after the economic crisis from 1935 to 1942. The photographers captured portraits of people and their difficult living conditions, housing problems and labour migration. The most famous of the photographers include Carl Mydans, Walker Evans, Marion Post Wolcott and Dorothea Lange, whose image of a migrant mother from 1936 became the official symbol of the project.

Marion Post Wolcott

Marion Post Wolcott

An exhibition of the French photographer Tatiana Lecomte, will open  at the Central European House of Photography. Tatiana Lecomte won the European Month of Photography prize, which is presented every two years in Luxembourg. The work of Mexican photographer Flor Garduňo can be seen on the second floor.

Flor Garduňo

Flor Garduňo


For photography from around the world, for the second time we will open an exhibition featuring the most comprehensive international photography competition the 2016 Sony World Photo Awards. This exhibition will be held in the Eurovea Expo Gallery. Every year, the Sony World Photo Awards presents the best international photographic talent and rewards professionals, amateurs, youths and students from around the world in a variety of photographic genres.

Since 2004, the Month of Photography in Bratislava has been a part of the European Month of Photography within the united association of festivals in Athens, Budapest, Paris, Luxembourg, Ljubljana and Vienna. Joint exhibitions will be held through the mutual collaboration of curators from these cities. This year, the partners have prepared the project, Looking into Clouds, which draws on exhibitions by more than 50 European photographers.

G@LLERY – editor`s pick May 2016

Selection of the best submissions to our G@LLERY for the recent period. Do not hesitate and continue to send us your photos which should be published.

Barbara Buda, Ela Bracho, Erich ReichelEugénia BánovskáKarel ŠevčíkKonmarkMartin Ježík, Martin Sprušanský, Martina DimunováMatej ReviliakPaula KentošováViera RemkováViola KrupováZhivka Todorova

New Wave of SAM

Aftre succsesful presentation of our New Wave of SAM  at Czech Open-air PHOTO festival together with organizers we`ve have decided to folllow the dramaturgic line. Five photograpgers selected by festival art comittee FURIE and SAM magazine will be given much more space and they will become a major photographers of the festival with an opportunity to lead their own workshops and present their artistic evolution.

Let`s follow the list of these great artists.

Dia Takácsová

© Dia Takácsová

Through photography, Dia Takacs mostly captures emotions connected with nature. There are signs of melancholy and quaintness in her work. She looks for exceptional places and people, in both cases preferring unusualness and kind of a special aura. She also revels in minimalist form and believes that it is imperfection what makes photos more human. Dia presented her work in several exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad and her photos appeared on book and CD covers. Her commercial production, in connection with Tomáš Schiller, in known as Aeternus Photography.

Kata Sedlak

© Kata Sedlak

Kata Sedlak, a photographer with her own signature and a clear idea of how to visualize the objects she is familiar with. The author intentionally selects topics evoking strong emotions. The most frequent source of inspiration is her family, where, as a mother, she exactly recognizes the most accurate moment to reflect given psychological state within a scope of an ordinary day. She is an author integrating a photofootageinto a more social context. There were a few names in the world of photography personalizing the same idea, Sally Mann, a photograper of children, to name one, whose work resembles Kata Sedlak’s most. Kata has mastered the art of light and intimity and her trademark of breaking any stereotypical dogmas is evident throughout her work. Slovakia has a very unusual sight in photography and it can be said with certainty that we will hear about Kata in the future as she proved us with her photo story of Autumn 2014 depicting a gypsy ghetto, in search for her favorite aspects – interpersonal relationships and emotional swings.  -Matúš Zajac-

Mária Švarbová

© Mária Švarbová

Mária Švarbová was born in 1988 in Slovakia. She finished her university studies of conservation – restoration and archeology. She has dedicated to photography since 2010. Earlier works of young and talented author, publishing under name Maria Svarbova are resembling a dream like reality with elements of surrealism and Art Nouveau. Her latest photographs focus on delivering a message and triggering feelings with focus on minimalism and purity. She is a very distinctive photographer, who can present a vast porfolio of high quality. Maria has also won various prestigious awards and participated in valuable collaborations such as signing off contract with american Vogue. Her photos were also used as covers for multiple bestselling books of world-class authors. One of her works was selected to be a cover photo of prestigious photography magazine DODHO. One of here latest successes is that one of her works was used as cover photo for Czech photography magazine FotoVideo. She also won gold medal of excellence in the biggest photography saloon (TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT) that tooks place in Austria. Maria will be having an exhibition in Paris in the Sakura gallery, which will be representing her in the entire France and she will be in others 80 galleries around the world (YellowKorner).

Michal Zahornacký

© Michal Zahornacký

He graduated from Business College. He lives on taking photos of weddings and portraits and at the same time he makes his own thoughts and ideas into compact photographic projects. Recently finished series „Dream“was influenced by surrealism. Currently Michal works on a new project called „Poems“, connecting pictures with poems.  „Poems“ represent portraits of people with a profound thought which is supplemented by a poem. He has been working on this project with various poets.


© Sachtikus

He comes from Slovakia, Banská Bystrica. Currently he newly lives in Prague. He performs and works under name Sachtikus. Photography and his pseudonym have been with him for several years. Currently he dedicate himself to photography in professional way, mostly to reportages, concerts, and studio portraits. In the beginning of his work was heavy metal and concert photography in his home town, which used to be Mecca of hard music in Slovakia. A part of his work is represented by photographs with military subject matter, where a few times a year he turns into a soldier of Russian army from the Second World War. Essentials of his work and interest are people, no matter if portraits, photos from concerts, or Picture from bars or trips. He often supports philosophy of form above content, especially with portraits. He likes high quality of performance, technical perfection in editing, soft light, large printings, and beautiful models. He also likes expressions on people’s faces, when you can feel emotions and atmosphere. Last but not least, he goes in for surrealistic themes, self-portraits, and macro of insect.


The twenty-fifth year of the event, which is traditionally part of autumn in Bratislava, brings new names, topics, and changes that have been carried out through the efforts of the organizers to achieve the best possible program, but also as a needed response to changes in the cultural (or uncultured) environment of Bratislava. Thanks to the understanding of the Slovak National Museum administration, three exhibitions will be held in museums on Žižkova street. In a similar fashion, the director of the Modern Art Gallery at the Danubiana came forward to meet our needs, therefore this gallery will become part of the festival for the first time.


The dramaturgy of the event builds on the opposition between the home and nomadism. We prepared the program a year ago, there is no intentional correlation with the current refugee crisis; although this correlation cannot be avoided. We were taught at school that home needs to be understood as “hands on which you can cry,” but certainly it is a wider phenomenon. We can include here: Knap’s Zen observations on the passage of time in nature or life; and Niedenthal’s authentic documentary photography of the struggle between Solidarity and political power during the eighties in Poland. In contrast to this stands the profession of a photographer, who as an author reports on problems, conflicts, and countries which at first glance seem exotic and incomprehensible regarding the meaning of home. Martin Kollár thus reveals the undercurrents of the Israeli presence, Gregor Sailer narrates the story of life in places where, behind beautiful scenery, cruel conflicts take place.

The Month of Photography is an event that was created in 1991 thanks to the European House of Photography in Paris. In a way, France is the guest of honour of the event, therefore the choice of theme is in accordance with this as well. The photographic culture of France is represented by the works of two extraordinary personalities – Robert Doisneau, who perfectly reflects the joyful and optimistic era of the fifties and sixties and Bernard Plossu who in the following decades looked for new forms of photography. From the younger generation, we chose Myette Fauchere‘s project which resembles the ties between France and its former African colonies.

Map of exhibitions

10 photographic documents you must see


Diane Arbus (*1923 – 1971) was an American photographer and writer noted for photographs of deviant and marginal people (dwarfs, giants, transgender people, nudists, circus performers) or of people whose normality seems ugly or surreal.


Nancy (*1953) is an American photographer. She lives and works in New York City, Berlin, and Paris. Her work is focused on drugs, gender, sexuality, abuse and death.


Gregory Crewdson (*1962) is an American photographer. He photographs tableaux of American homes and neighborhoods.


William Eggleston (*1939), is an American photographer. He is widely credited with increasing recognition for color photography as a legitimate artistic medium to display in art galleries.


William Klein (*1928) is an American-born French photographer and filmmaker noted for his ironic approach to both media and his extensive use of unusual photographic techniques in the context ofphotojournalism and fashion photography. He was ranked 25th on Professional Photographer‘s list of 100 most influential photographers.


Cynthia “Cindy” Morris Sherman (*1954) is an American photographer and film director, best known for her conceptual portraits. In 1995, she was the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship.


Joel Meyerowitz (*1938) is a street photographer and portrait and landscape photographer. He began photographing in color in 1962 and was an early advocate of the use of color during a time when there was significant resistance to the idea of color photography as serious art. In the early 1970s he taught the first color course at the Cooper Union in New York City where many of today’s renowned color photographers studied with him.


Tyrone Lebon’s 30-minute documentary spotlights some of the best contemporary filmmakers across the globe, including Juergen Teller, Sean Vegezzi, Nobuyoshi Araki, Takashi Homma, Ari Marcopoulos, Jill Freedman, Tim Barber and more.


Robert Frank (*1924) is an American photographer and documentary filmmaker. His most notable work, the 1958 book titled The Americans, earned Frank comparisons to a modern-day de Tocquevillefor his fresh and nuanced outsider’s view of American society. Critic Sean O’Hagan, writing in The Guardian in 2014, said The Americans ”changed the nature of photography, what it could say and how it could say it.” Frank later expanded into film and video and experimented with manipulating photographs and photomontage.


Photographers Steve McCurry, Brigitte Lacombe, Jay Maisel, Susan Meiselas, Miru Kim and Bruce Davidson share insights on their work and what makes a great portrait. Interviews with curators, artists, and authors also help demonstrate the passion of this gifted group and help put their work in context.

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