Every frame of this stunning video is a raw still from a Canon 5D2 DSLR and processed with Adobe software.  Daniel shows off his beautiful home state of Arizona and he also made several trips to Utah. This video has some iconic landmarks that we have seen before. He felt that showing them again with motion controlled HDR and/or night timelapse would be a new way to see old landmarks.


OFF_festival Bratislava is an alternative festival of contemporary photography, which annually introduces fresh talent from the Slovak and international photographic scene. This unique project arose from the need to create generous space and conditions for the presentation and promotion of young artists working in the medium of photography. It is the only cultural event of its kind in Slovakia which, at this level, highlights quality work from breakthrough talents. The aim of OFF_festival is to promote public interest in what is now emerging from the contemporary photographic field.

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We would like to invite you to submit your projects to the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2013 competition. The jury consisting of international curators shall choose one winner and seven finalists from the sent pictures. The winner shall receive the prize of 10,000 PLN and his/her works will be displayed during the exhibition. The prize for seven finalists is the participation in the exhibition. All selected pictures will be exhibited during the 12th edition of the Fotofestiwal between June 6th and 16th, 2013.

Grand Prix Fotofestiwal is a competition organized every year, during which we are awarding the prizes to those artists who present cohesive ideas, brave visions as well as excellent photographic technique and who use the photographic language in a conscious manner. We want to present interesting personalities and new trends of contemporary photography. This invitation is directed at individual photographers. The formula of the competition is open and there are no thematic, age or geographical restrictions.

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Month of photography is here again. 28 individual and collective exhibitions by authors from whole world will be opened in galleries and museums in Bratislava. This festival is organized by Central European House of Photography as a part of the 5th edition of Euuropean Month of Photography which takes place in Paris, Vienna, berlin, Rome, Moscow and Luxemburg.

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Táňa Hojčová Galéria Slovenskej výtvarnej únie

Jan Hojstričová GMB – Mirbachov palác

Martin Kollár Tranzit Gallery

Andrej Balco SEDF

Šymon Kliman, Viliam Ropp / FR / SEDF

Stano Pekár Pálffyho letné sídlo

Jozef Ondzik, Tomáš LeňoRusniaks Bratislava castle

Rusniaks ( Lucia Nimcová )

Jozef Hofer Múzeum mesta Bratislavy

Peter Župník   Slovak Institute Prague

Andrej Bán – Kosovo Slovak Institute Wien


Pavel Mára /CZ / Dom umenia

Tamas Schild / HU/ SNM – Múzeum kultúry Maďarov na Slovensku

Vilém Reichmann ( CZ ) Galéria 19

FRAME ´11 Výstavná sála Univerzitnej knižnice

Present continous ( Feket Zsolt, Erdei Krisztina,

Kudász Gábor Arion, Dóka Béla )  Ballassiho inštitút Maďarský kultúrny inštitút

Andrzej Jerzy Lech. Quotes from one reality. Photographs from 1978-2010 Polish Institute

Young Russian Photography Dom umenia

Eric Stephanian ( Armenia ) Galéria Artotéka

Antonio Živkovič (Slovenia ) Slovenian Embassy

Boris Yanev ( Bulgaria ) Bulgarian Cultural Institute


Lewis Hine / USA/ Galéria mesta Bratislavy

Robert Capa / USA/HU / SNG

Walter Bergmoser / DE, KOR / Galéria Medium

Roman Bezjak /DE / Design factory

Jurgen Klauke / DE/ Refinery Gallery


/part of European Month of Photography / French Institute


For the fourth time web portal  invites you to visit the largest exhibition of phototographic technique and equipment in Slovakia.  It takes place on 6 – 7th of October in Hotel Crowne Plaza, Bratislava. This unique two days meeting creates a space for communication between photographers, sales and brands representatives of photographic and electronic industry.

More information can be found at the official website.


Belief and faith can be experienced in a different manner – the proof can be seen in Zvolen.

Everybody experiences the spritual world in a different manner and it can be shown in many ways. If you are willing to meet a point of view of three documentarists, please reserve your time to the end of September.

Jindřich Štreit, Matúš Zajac and Andrej Lojan cordially invite you to a joint exhibition called VARIATIONS. The opening will be held on 30.9.2012 at 3 pm in the SNG – Zvolenský zámok (Námestie SNP 594/1, Zvolen, Slovakia). The exhibition will be open until 30.9.2012.


New Wave Photography 2013 is the 2nd edition of our exhibition bringing together the best artistic talent in contemporary fine art photography from across Central and Eastern Europe. The first exhibition was shown in Krakow and it then travelled to London. We exhibited 11 young photographers from 6 countries; Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. More information about the artists and the photographs from the 1st edition can be found here.

Over 2,000 visitors saw the exhibition in London and even more in Krakow, where it was hosted by Krakow Festival Office for over three weeks. Thanks to our sponsors, partners and media partners, we were able to get great publicity.

The 2nd edition will take place in April 2013 in London and will then be shown during the summer in Krakow. We are happy to bring the exhibition to other cities, so please contact us if you are a gallery or a company and you think hosting New Wave Photography could be of benefit to you. All artists interested in taking part in the next edition of New Wave Photography are can find more information here. We look forward to seeing your work.

We very much look forward to bringing more inspiring images to London next year.