Peter NagyPeter Nagy – singer, composer, lyricist – Legend of the Czech and Slovak pop music.
For more than two decades he is the one of the most outstanding figures of Slovak and Czech popular music. His being on the music scene was and still is extremely successful. This is evidenced by two dozens of albums with such a number of units sold that today it is just a dream of recent stars. Tens of them became genuine hits.
Peter Nagy was born on 9th of April 1959, in Prešov. He started his career in 1983 with his own music group Indigo. In 1985 he won in the Czechoslovakian most famous pop music contest “The Golden Nightingale”. As a producer, composer and song writer he worked also with child singers with whom he made several very successful albums.
His so far latest (2011) double album is called “Plenty of songs”.
Last ten years he began to fulfill his old dream, which was the creation of art photography. Model and inspiration was a precise work of professional photographers, with whom he previously cooperated in the production of his albums – Fedor Nemec, Alan Pajer.

Currently he runs a photo studio called Atelier of Art Photography – ARTFOTONAGY. Peter uses digital technology and the main theme of his photographic works is the romantically toned female nude.
Peter avoids of shooting professional models. There are women from exotic countries such as the Canary Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Singapore and Namibia among the models he shot. Photos are toned mostly in black and white and then finished in graphics programs. He had several exhibitions in Prague, Bratislava and Vienna.
His photographs were published in Czech, Russian and Brazilian mutation of Playboy magazine. He also became a winner of the cover and editorial in a special issue of this magazine, which was released on his 50th anniversary. In 2007 he was the official photographer of Czech Miss. In 2008 he presented his first book publication. He published also several art calendars, the first one in 2005 named “Intimate images”. His newest one entitled as a “Rum and Choco” is for the year 2012.
His new book “Kindly songs” has been promoted lately (on October 26th 2011) at the Prague Golem club.
The book presents photographs associated with the poetry of Peter’s texts. It is a unique probe into the soul of women. The photographs of Peter Nagy show women as real women. Beautiful, unique and full of emotions.
However at the promotion of his new book he told for the Slovak press agency: “I am quitting with photography….”

Interview with Peter Nagy is nice for me by two reasons. I own his complete discography on gramophone records (an LP record was for 50 CZK) and also with the appreciation I also pursue his successful photographic career. His photos right now at the time of negatives are extremely important. They bring peace, beauty and a good mood. So why is there your statement of quitting photography?

I’ve already shot all I wanted …
The situation in business is so strange … sometimes even comic … TV and Internet feeds are full of slogans and shoutings: “Become a star, become a model, singer, photographer, and celebrity blah, blah …. it’s like a sale of positions where in fact really can stand only those who really have been working for years to reach that position. But the media needs new naives who think that it’s really that easy …
Not a few people want just their “15 minutes of fame “… such a karaoke for drunken (by media).
A number of deaf singers, blind photographers and stupid celebrities increases. It is a price for the internet and the aggression of Medias chasing the readership and audience. It seems to me that the last few years or longer people don’t feel the art and they just want to obtain a fast and powerful experience – what the art photo has never been nor will be. I’ll wait for better time. Now, I am just selling my photos.

You have started to shoot quite late. Why were you interested in photography? Maybe golf would fits you better at your age.
I always wanted to take pictures I just did not have the time and money.
I need something creative … I need something imaginative. I needed to express my admiration of the woman.

How do you cope with difficult life of popular singer and photographer?
This is essentially not controllable in any way. One suffers for the second and vice versa. As a musician I am constantly in the car for my job and as a photographer it’s basically the same. I must say that the studio photography doesn’t satisfy me because of its lack of plausibility. It’s something better than the photo ID just the ID is naked :). The choice of shooting location is hard and also the organization itself. It’s practically not possible to do it together with my music traveling.


Was it difficult to convince people to take you as a photographer?
Nonetheless the majority knows you as a musician and it was certainly a burden. How was the beginning?
From the beginning I absolutely don’t give a dam. One of the fundamental principles of my life is – I do what I want. Whether someone likes it or not. Like the music which I’m doing for my feeling not for critics.
And basically I don’t care what thinks some sweaty writer of some internet online chat who theoretically can do everything “better” than the others.

In the very beginning of your art creation we can see a noticeable impact by Fedor Nemec. Photos were colored and there was a significant intervention by the author, i.e. the collection “Woman & Steel” or “Angels”. And then suddenly the switch to the black and white photographs with a minimum of modifications. What did cause this change?
Fedor is an amazing photographer, my friend and author of nearly all covers of my first music albums. It was an unaware imitation of my idol and the man whose work I have always admired. Later, I began to think about a lot of photos and what should be my own style. I have always liked romance so I started to take pictures in black and white because it’s more dreamy. Today I shoot an illusion – just as it is in my songs. Almost every song is illusory and therefore it can make a positive mood. I always wanted to shoot positive pictures…

Who is usually the first critic of your photos?
Unfortunately, myself. Concerning the work I hate myself so much that I delete many photos right after shooting. A few minutes later I am watching and deleting them again and finally I have the only one I am going to use.


You mainly capture a woman. How is the work with them? Are they stubborn or priggish?
At first women who I am going to capture have to love their body. Therefore I select women who practice professionally or amateurishly fitness, do sports or are ballerinas. Simply women who have no problem with self-confidence. On the other hand in addition to these
“non models” there are women who are so uncritically priggish. I know it mostly from castings of Miss Czech where I worked as a photographer. It was a like tour of pointless self-confidence similar as in a Superstar (Pop Idol). In the front of the lens I like ordinary beautiful women. The so-called “usable for life”.

There are also photographs of animals from Kenya which can be found among your pictures. Was it just a “side activity” or are you thinking of doing something similar in the future?
It was only the opportunity to try a “long lens” in the field. Otherwise the object of my photographic visit to Kenya was women. The result was the third calendar with photographs of exotic women “Rum & Choco”.

Our readers are mainly photographers. For them it would be certainly interesting what the way of taking pictures is. I mean, if it is not a secret, what light do you use, do you take picture just by yourself or do you have an assistant, how do you choose the exterior?
Every photographer has his own way. Shooting of nudes is not about pressing the shutter but about communication with a woman and work with a light. It is therefore important to know the location and how unpredictably the light behaves, same as a woman. It’s very similar:).

Do you use a digital camera or do you also have an experience with the analog photography?
I started with a classic but as everybody after the arrival of digital camera I can not resist.

You are in the editorial board of an independent national magazine of Czech and Slovak photographers together with names such as Jan Šibík or Robert Vano. What does it mean for you?
At first it’s a big honor. For example I value Jan Šibík as report photographer who has no competition over here and apart from that he is an amazingly modest man. Robert Vano is a professional whom I admire for his profound detachment and for his never-ending sense of humor.

This year has been for you full of news – the new double album, a new book. What can we expect in the new year 2012?
I will close myself in a dark room and will sleep there :).



Jaroslav Kučera and his fantastic exhibition in czech town Písek.


We invite you to an exhibition of known czech documentary photographer Jaroslav Kučera named How I met people which is going to be opened in czech Písek. You will see black and white photos, which are basics of Kučera`s last year exhibition in Prague.

Jaroslav Kučera, Praha MIchalská ulica, 1973 - In front of Blatnička

Jaroslav Kučera, Praha MIchalská ulica, 1973 – In front of Blatnička

Along the exhibitiona a new Kučera`s book will be launched. It is called  Meetings, moments, loneliness and shows 100 photographs from seventies, which have never been published yet.

Opening ceremony starts at 5 pm on 12th of June 2014.

Jaroslav Kučera, Praha Smíchov 1977 - Pub na Hromádkové

Jaroslav Kučera, Praha Smíchov 1977 – Pub na Hromádkové

Jaroslav Kučera, Luby 1994 - 90 years old grandma  Titěrová

Jaroslav Kučera, Luby 1994 – 90 years old grandma Titěrová



We invite you to an exhibition of students theses from Department of Photography and New Media of Academy of fine art and design. Opening will be held on Wednesday 28.5.2014 at 6pm in Central European House of Photography in Prepoštská street No.4 Exhibition will be opened until 25.6.2014.

We look forward to your participation,
Elena Šoltysová
manager of FOTOFO


Photomedia, in the eyes of many artists throughout the globe, is in no way just another photo exhibition. As many of you may well know, throughout the years long tradition, Photomedia established itself as a well-known brand among the tsunami of digital competitions, being one of the few print exhibitions, where we honor the author’s approach and effort, making the selection of works in a live and vivid communication between the members of the jury. As a result of that approach, we at Photomedia receive some of the finest works from the current period, from all sides of the world. Thus, we encourage you to send your prints to Photomedia 2014 and be a part of our exquisite journey through contemporary photography.

Elek Papp - The Gypsie chief (Hungary)

Elek Papp - The Gypsie chief (Hungary)

Photomedia exists simply from and for the LOVE and PASSION for PHOTOGRAPHY and is based on voluntary sweat of our team!

We encourage you to take participation in our distinguished event, and by doing so, you support the core values of our beloved art. You can follow our event on Facebook or see our web site.

Click for the PDF with propositions

Warm greetings from Macedonia, may the light be with you all.

Sašo N. Aluševski, salon chairperson


13th edition of Fotofestiwal will take place on June 5-15, 2014 in Łódź, as ever. This time the festival returns to the venue in which 10 earlier editions took place. Main exhibitions and events will be housed at Art_Inkubator w Fabryce Sztuki, three post-industrial buildings which have been modernized and transformed into an impressive, high-tech place within the last 3 years. The programme of this year Fotofestiwal is afoot, but we will disclose a few details right now.

Future Photo Show is a discussion panel devoted to the theme of future, combined with meetings with authors. The guests will be visionary artists, who create images of the future. We have invited three photographers: Phillip Toledano, Vincent Fournier and Kobas Laksa.

Kobas Laksa, Stephan

Kobas Laksa, Stephan

As part of the Special Exhibitions section we will show two extensive, retrospective exhibitions: disquieting, sombre Roger Ballen, one of the most widely exhibited photographers in the world at the moment, and Volker Hinz, photographer of major personalities of the 20th century history and showbiz. Aside from that, we will present a multiply awarded project by the Russian artist, Evgenia Arbugaeva, who tells a fairy-tale story of the artist’s childhood in faraway Siberia.

Roger Ballen, Dresie and Casie, twins, W Tvl, 1993

Roger Ballen, Dresie and Casie, twins, W Tvl, 1993

Amongst the finalists selected from over 600 submissions to the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2014 there are, i.a.: Elena Chernyshova, awarded at this year World Press Photo contest for her photographs of Norilsk, one of the most polluted cities in the world, and Adam Lach, whose Stigma project received an honourable mention at the prestigious American contest Pictures of the Year International 2014. All in all 10 finalists will participate in the contest exhibition, one of which will be awarded with the Grand Prix of 10 000 PLN.

The following artists will also present their work at this year Fotofestiwal: Kuba Dąbrowski, Igor Omulecki, Anita Andrzejewska, Jakub Karwowski. Aside from the photography exhibitions there will also be a display of publications devoted to photography entitled The Best Photobook of the Year 2014.

Together with the legendary Magnum Photos Agency we would like to invite you to two events:

- Masterclass – exclusive 4-day long master workshops with Alex Webb, one of the top photographers of the Agency, and Rebecca Norris Webb.

- Professional Practice – meetings and portfolio review with experts collaborating with the Agency on the subject of finding one’s way in the contemporary market of photography.
The programme will also include: workshops, meetings with authors, contests, photography auction, late night slide shows, reading room and, obviously, clubbing in Łódź.

Volker Hinz, legends, Woody Allen

Volker Hinz, legends, Woody Allen

More details at the oficial website


We invite you to the exhibition of Šymon Kliman which will be part of a broader event devoted to themes of The Second World War.

Albert Mikoviny photo by Šymon Kliman

Albert Mikoviny photo by Šymon Kliman

Partisans – Heroes.
Every hero is alive thanks to one’s image, created in the imagined and imagining community (such as nation).

More about event can be found here:


Download PDF (117 MB) Download PDF (117 MB)      Read online Read online

SAM has breathed new life into the eleventh issue and next decade. Our magazine has established close cooperation with Robert Vano Gallery as it is evidenced by two articles about photographers, covered by portal In each issue we have an ambition to present at least one “invisible photographer”. We are pleased by the quantity of pictures which have been submitted to our g@llery. We tried to responsibly choose the best, but a few shots were kept as a reserve for the twelfth issue. We are really happy and looking forward to each of the photos sent. We have also to mention the very last article of the eleventh issue; a great photo report from The Archipelago of Svalbard, shot, written and sent by Anette Mossbacher from Switzerland (Anette was featured in SAM 05). It is really worth to click through to the last page. We wish you a pleasant browsing…

List of authors:

Martin MachajOndřej JanůAnton MartinecIvana LevčíkováMatej RumanskýBranislav BoďaJana SedlákováRadovan ŠkohelTomi ThorCarmelita IezziLuděk CigánekMustafa DedeogluDaniel ŘeřichaWolfgang MothesRichard TuschmanAlexander StepanenkoRenata VoglPhoto-club GalantaAnette Mossbacher


The purpose of the competition is promotion of art photography. The comptetition is designed for photogrpahers from all over the world who will send a maximum 4 photos to each category. Digital sets must be sent in the JPEG file in resolution maximum 2400 pixels longer side, multiplied by 1800, square 1800×1800, maximum size 3Mb. The name of the set must in the form: Surname-Image title-category and the image number (e.g.: smith-girl in white-A1.jpg).


A. Nude – Coloured ­+ Black & white digital photogrpahy
B. Landscape – Coloured ­+ Black & white digital photography
C. Free theme – Coloured ­+ Black & white digital photography
D. Photojournalism /Street/ – Coloured ­+ Black & white digital photography
E. Folklore and folk traditions – Coloured ­+ Black & white digital photogrpahy

Digital photos may be sent by three ways:

1. by post on CD to the address: Ing. Gabriel Grund, Kukorelliho 46, 08501 Bardejov, Slovakia along with the participation fee
2. by e-mail to the address: accompanied with the attached Entry Form
3. on-line:

Main prices:

  • FIAP Badge for the Best Author
  • FIAPMedals: 3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze and 18 Honourable Mentions
  • City of Bardejov Grand Prix
  • Assocaiton of Slovak Photographers Price
  • Photoclub BARDAF Price – BARDAF Medals: 5 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze
  • 10 Honourable Mentions / two in each category/
  • Association of Polish Art Photographers: 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze


  • Chairman – Prof. Sergiusz Sachno, Poland
  • Chernevyy Yuriy, EFIAP, Ukraine
  • MUDr. Ján Holly, Slovak republic
  • Alternate – Ing. Leonard Banas AFIAP, Slovak republic

President of Competiition: Ing. Gabriel Grund, EFIAP

Jury Secretary: Jaroslav Gutek, EFIAP

Entry fee:

The entry fee is 10 EUR plus 5 EUR for each another category or 25 EUR for all categories. The entry fee may be paid by transfer to the bank account No.: IBAN: SK28 0200 0000 0030 2878 1957, by PAYPAL: ( preferred way) or directly enclosed to the sent Entry Form with CD/DVD with the written author´s name and surname.

Photographies without paid entry fee will not be accepted. Fees and photographies must be delivered by 01.05.2014. The participant by submitting his entries declares his approval with terms and conditions determined by the organizer. The participant must be a holder of author rights to the submitted photos and he is aware that they may be published in connection with the exhibition.

Official website

Entry form (doc)