Magazine atteliér and Studio of documentary and reportage photography of FMK UCM in Trnava invite you to the photo presentation of slovak press photographer and documentarist Michal Burza, who has recently come back from Ukraine where he captured civil protests of Kiev spring.

Michal survived the hardest fight (20. – 21.2. 2014) at the Kiev`s square Majdan with a camera in his hand. You will have an unique chance to talk with a man who faced of death and witnessed this event which is important for the whole Europe.

Do not miss this!



Ongoing exhibition in Medium Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts and design in Bratislava.

Academy of Fine Arts and design in Bratislava – Civil association OZ Mnémosyné – Association of the 1st May invite you to the common exhibition of visual arts which is focused on problems of segregated minority of gipsy community.



Gita Balogová, Peter Barták, Alžbeta Bila, Helena Bíla, Zuzana Bíla, Adam Billy, Michaela Císařová, Iveta Čonková, Drahomíra Cvoreňová, Emília Cvoreňová, Jarmila Cvoreňová, Marcela Cvoreňová, Marta Cvoreňová, Michal Cvoreň, Kristína Danková, Nikola Danková, Júlia Duždová, Valéria Duždová, Terézia Ferková, Elena Gallová Kriglerová, Eugen Gindl, Zuzana Gindl Tatárová, Barbara Gindlová, Erik Grundza, Erika Grundzová, Michal Havran, Karol Horváth, Oto Hudec, Kveta Husárová, Eduard Chmelár, Ladislav Kaboš, Eva Kempná, Eva Kavúrová, Mirka Kavúrová, Zdenka Kavúrová, Šymon Kliman, Daniela Krajčová, Norbert Lacko, Jolana Lacková, Justína Lacková, Lucia Lacková, Silvia Lacková Čúzyová, Terézia Lacková, Marek Leščák, František Marton, Zuzana Medzihorská, Irena Miková, Linda Miková, František Mucha, Ernest Mucha, Július Mucha, Roman Olekšák, Kamila Petová, Darina Petová, Mátyáš Prikler , Tomáš Rafa, Alena Šerdziková, Dušan Šerdzik, Ladislav Šerdzik, Michal Sládek, Daniel Škobla, Marek Šulík, Zuzana Vasičáková Očenášová, Jaro Vojtek, Matúš Zajac, Valika Zbilla, Jan Zbily, Peter Zbily, Marek Žolták, Štefan Žolták, Mária Žoltáková a mnohí ďalší

Project curators:
Barbara Gindlová, Silvia L. Čúzyová a Noro Lacko

Exhibition includes presentation and discussion cycle named: Word for picture/Picture for word with three pannel discussions:

  • Fragile witness – 24. 2. 2014 at 5pm

Discussion with photographers Matúš Zajac and Šymon Kliman.

Matúš Zajac - Gypsies

Matúš Zajac - Gypsies

Šymon Kliman - Beautiful People

Šymon Kliman - Beautiful People

  • On thin ice – 5. 3. 2014 at 5 pm

Where are you heading Slovakia or a sad choreography between sediments of extremism and inattention.

  • In the echoes of reality– 14. 3. 2014 at 5 pm.

Film makers about gypsies together with following movies projecting:

Cigáni idú do volieb (Jaro Vojtek)
Zvonky šťastia (Marek Šulík)
Cigán (Martin Šulík)
Všetky moje deti (Laco Kaboš)

Exhibition is opened from 20. 2. until 16. 3. 2014.


Our magazine has started a great cooperation with Robert Vano Gallery. Roberto Vano is a master photographer who was featured and interviewed in SAM 03. We bring you a first article about its series called “Invisible photographers“.

Marieta Zuzíková

photo - Marieta Zuzíková

Quating Mr. Robert Vano: „You have to see the photo, otherwise it doesn`t exist! All invisible photographers have in common great love to photography and a strong need to grow up, get better and learn new things… From their stories you can feel deep humility and stamina.“

Invisible photographers is an ongoing project managed by Robert Vano Gallery. Last year team of  Robert Vano Gallery and Webmagazine.sk brought 15 unknown photographers into public attention and 22 more are in plan for this year. All of them own a portfolio which in many cases even beats the professional photographers. The biggest challenge in the upcoming future is to organize a common exhibition in Bratislava and Prague and to publish a catalog in the beginning of 2015.



Within the scope of the Daguerreobase  project we invite you the the international meeting named “Image of the past, reflection of the present” which will be held on 22. – 23. of january 2014 in the National technical museum in Prague.

Program of the meeting (PDF)

Application forms should be sent to petr.kliment@ntm.cz and ptrnkova@gmail.com

Organization team of Daguerreobase CZ is looking forward to meet you.

Petr Kliment, NTM
Michaela Brachtlová, NTM
Tomáš Štanzel, NTM
Petra Trnkova, ÚDU AV ČR


Download PDF (94 MB) Download PDF (94 MB)    Read online Read online

SAM celebrates tenth anniversary. This issue is specific in that it comes at Christmas time when Western civilization is probably in the biggest rush of the year. Inspite of that we could not resist and we invite you to a winter walk in hand with creative art presented. We did not meet some targets  which we announced in the last issue. For example, we were not able to prepare the traveler’s photo report and follow up on a great story from Iceland. Nevertheless, we bring other interesting and original articles by authors Peter Šedý and Rosemary Horn. We believe that, as in previous issue also in this issue, everyone will find what he likes. After all, the world of photography and visual arts is so rich and  we are glad that we can contribute a bit and promote great authors who have something to say to the world. This is the main reason for our existence. Our editors wish you a pleasant browsing online, or convenient PDF viewing on your tablet. Have a wonderful holiday season.

List of authors

Jakub Gulyás (SK), Klaudia Ligačová (SK), Sonia Masárová (SK), Andrea Koporova (SK), Erik Müller (SK), Martin Brojo (SK), Veronika Čierniková (SK), Peter a Veronika (SK), Mina Sorvino (UA), Iounut Caras (RO), Harry Fayt (B), Shikhei Goh (RI), Hauptmuell (D), Dariusz Klimczak (PL), Samuil Velichkov (BG), Petr Šedý (CZ), Rosemary Horn (NZ)



You are cordially invited to the exhibition named Following the Cross.

Andrej BánPavol BreierMichal FulierAlan HyžaAndrej LojanLaco MaďarBoris NémethJozef Ondzik Jozef SedlákJindřich ŠtreitMatúš Zajac

A premiere thematic exhibition of contemporary documentary photography interprets pilgrimages, Christian festivals and events, missions, and daily rituals following „cross“. The project is dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of the arrival of Thessalonica missionaries Cyril and Methodius and made possible thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

  • Curators: Ivana Pastorová, Lucia Benická
  • Special cooperation: Jozef Sedlák
  • Exhibition is open: 5.12.2013 – 30.3.2014

HOUSE OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Liptovská galéria P. M. Bohúňa, Tranovského 3, SK – 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, dom.fotografie@gmail.com
Gallery opened Tuesday – Saturday, 10.00 – 17.00

PDF invitation


House of photography, Liptovský Mikuláš, 19.9. – 30.11.2013
The exhibition of slovak known photographer and professor Ľubo Stacho (*1953), presents the overview of the conceptual document from three decades of author`s creation (1983 – 2013) and selected works of his students and assistents from the Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava and from Faculty of fine arts TUKE in Košice. Project is organized by the House of photography with support of Ministry of culture of Slovak republic.

Photographers: Leontína Berková, Nikolas Bernath, Slávka Bulíková, Marko Horban, Lenka Jakubčáková, Inés Karčáková, Ján Kekeli, Martin Kleibl, Tomáš Kmeť, Monika Kováčová, Lenka Lukačovičová, Ján Mýtny, Ivana Osuská, Peter Sit, Ján Skaličan, Vladimír Slivka, Viktor Šelesták, Laura Štrompachová, Ondrej Urban, Andrej Žabkay

Curators: Lucia Benická, Marko Horban, Ľubo Stacho

Exhibition openning: 19th of September 2013, 4pm, in the Gallery of House of photography and the Small Hall in Liptov gallery of P.M. Bohúň in Liptovský Mikuláš.

First part of the exhibition is devoted to the conceptual document of Ľubo Stacho.

Ľubo Stacho - Symbols

Ľubo Stacho - Symbols

In the second part of the exhibition named Laboratory you can find actual pictures from students and assistent of professor Stacho. Experiment becomes a way, photography becomes a tool and the aim is to reflect the society and serch for archetypes.

Ján Kekeli - K.O.

Ján Kekeli - K.O.

Ján Kekeli is getting us into the other dimension within the term of time and space.

Peter Sit - Grandma

Peter Sit - Grandma

Peter Sit surprises us by his game of accidental meetings with his photography placed in the public space.

Lenka Lukačovičová - Body (Li)mits

Lenka Lukačovičová - Body (Li)mits

Lenka Lukačovičová considerates the space of art gallery itself.

You can find works of other studens form the last generation i.e. Petra Cepková or Boris Németh. Exhibition includes also video presentation which gives you a better overview about work of exhibited authors.