We are inviting you to the exhibition of young talented photographer ARIA BARÓ (Mária Švarbová). She was featured in the very first issue of SAM.

Mária Švarbová, in artistic community called by name Aria Baró, was born in 1988 in Slovakia. While studying archeology at university she has devoted her free time to art photography since 2010. She has been impressed by portraits the most. Mária believes that only a human being can give a soul to a photography.

You can find a lot of emotions displayed on her portraits, sometimes combined with almost depressive atmosphere. She prefers the dim glow of melancholy and nostalgia but presents also vague feeling which challenges the viewer´s fantasy to find his own story. Capturing the unique personality of a human being is one of the most important aspects of her work. In addition to capturing the personality the second part of her art is to visualize her own mind and reflect herself in her own works.

Openning: 10.7.2013

Where: PRO.Laika gallery restaurant, Palackého 14, Bratislava

Exhibition ends: 10.8.2013


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Three months passed since the last issue. Three months full of turbulent events. Europe survived massive floods; North America experiences hurricanes, an in this way we could mention more negative events. It has started to be common for major broadcasts that positive news which gives joy is not much promoted. We believe that the new issue of SAM magazine is good news for you, in the same way as it is being for us.

We bring you a lot of great photos from amazing photographers, photos which please your eyes and soul. Someone may be delighted, another will be forced to muse and perhaps motivated to further creation. Holiday season is starting in Europe and many of us go abroad. Some will have a rest, but most certainly will take cameras and will shoot many beautiful pictures. We hope that you will send us those pictures so the readers will enjoy them in the next issue of our magazine.

SAM magazine is done with you and for you. We would be happy to see your comments or remarks concerning our future improvement.

List of authors:

Yuri Dojc (SK), Matúš Zajac (SK), Daniela Matušková (SK), Petra Šmidová (SK), Michal Maroš (SK), Jozef Mičic (SK), Marián Sztrecsko (SK), Michal Zahornacký (SK), Juraj Vohnout (SK), Martin Kozák (CZ), Ladislav Nekuda (CZ), Veronika Sochůrek (CZ), Pietrino Di Sebastiano (I), Nicolas Bruno (USA), Craig Tuffin (AUS), Uwe Lanagmann (D), Marcin Owczarek (PL), Christian Blanchard (AUS), Eran Gilat (IL)


The exhibition dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the birth of photographer. Martinček`s work is exceptional in the genre range, the author tried to create “art dictionary of liptov country”. He shown his life`s theme in different levels – from close-ups of natural materials and elements, through images of landscape and details of folk architecture, still life in the interiors of wooden houses to photographic stories about life, of mostly old people. They were often social outsiders – nevertheless they managed to live in harmony with the natural order of things.

The exhibition is held under the auspices of Pavel Paska, President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

© Martin Martinček, from the colection of Slovak National Gallery

  • Opening: 3. 7. 2013, 6.00 p.m.
  • Exhibitions dates: 3. 7. – 1. 9. 2013
  • Organizers: FOTOFO, Slovak national museum in Martin
  • Address: Prepoštská 4, Bratislava
  • Opened daily from Tuesday to Sunday from 1 p.m.to 6 p.m.


Jindřich Štreit, Matúš Zajac and Andrej Lojan cordially invite you to a joint exhibition called VARIATIONS – from a human´s life. The opening will be held on 6.6.2013 at 6 pm in the gallery Malá synagóga in Trnava (Haulikova 3). The exhibition will be open until 11.7.2013 and works presented will be available for sale.

Jindřich Štreit (*1946) is a Czech photographer and pedagogue known for his documentary photography is considered as one of the most important exponents of the Czech documentary photography. Štreit began taking photographs in 1964. In the late 1970s, Štreit’s approach to photography began to change. He graduated from the Institute with a cycle of theatrical photography. At the same time he continued in expanding his cycle of everyday life of the villages in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains. Additionally, he helped organize cultural life in the region; he participated in organizing exhibitions and concerts. In 1981, during the general elections in the former Czechoslovakia, Štreit documented the official course of the elections. In some of his photographs made during the meetings of the local authorities. The exhibition was banned by the state police and Štreit was arrested and accused of defamation of the President and the country.He was sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment with a suspended sentence of two years. He was banned from taking photographs, but he never respected the ban and returned to photography immediately after his release from the prison. The photography theorist Anna Fárová managed to include his works in the exhibition 9 + 9, visited by Henri Cartier-Bresson, who documented Štreit’s installation and published his photos in the French newspaper Le Monde. As of 2010, Štreit works as a teacher at the Institut tvůrčí fotografie (Institute of Creative Photography of Silesian University in Opava).

Matúš Zajac (*1971) has got the art education at FAMU in Prague and at the Academy of Fine Arts and design in Bratislava where he was fully interested in documentary photography in atelier of Ľubo Stacho. He finished studies in 2003. Consciously he links the document with visual elements. He works on long-term projects – Communities, Forms of faith, Immigrants, Confrontations – Asia and Portraits.

Andrej Lojan (*1979) is devoted to photography since 2001. Since that time he has led several photographic workshops and lessons about photography, he was an editor of magazine Mladý misonár and also a photo editor. In his photographic essays he presents various details of life, perception of the real values, and topics relating to social issues of worldwide. He is one of incorporators of PHOS association

More information about the exhibition to be found on www.maxgallery.sk.


4th International Photo Salon PANORAMA OF MY COUNTRY 2013 organized by National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine under patronage of ISF – Image sans Frontière Label ISF 2013 is calling you for submission.

Entry requirements

Photographs should capture the essence of each Country: its people, its landscapes, its history, its architecture, its events, its traditions, and its folklore.

  • Open to photographers, worldwide.
  • Theme – open.
  • Contest is composed of two sections:

A. Panoramic Format
Size requirements:
A relationship of 1:2 to 1:7; minimal size on the short size of the image – 30cm.
B. Traditional Format
Size requirements:
A relationship of 2:3, that is 30x45cm and 40x60cm, other sizes accepted, keeping in mind that the minimum measurements of the short side must be 30cm and the maximum length of the long side 60cm.
Each entrant may submit a maximum of five images per section.

  • During the first stage, photos will be accepted only by e-mail to photopanorama2010@gmail.com , in jpg format 72 dpi 300 kb, for panorama photos – 600 px on the shortest side, for traditional formats – 1200 px on the longest side. After judging, during the second stage, authors will have to send the original selected photos to the same e-mail address. The photographs sent should be full size so that they can be printed (see the requirements of section A and B). While sending preview photos, authors also have to send a filled entry form and confirmation of the payment for the entry. Without filled entry-form and confirmation of the payment, photos will not be reviewed.
  • Images must be borderless, no margins or frames.
  • The works, previously exhibited at the the international photo salons in Ukraine and other countries, will not be accepted for the jury consideration.
  • Each entry form must be written either in English or in French.

Each entry form must have an identification number, name, surname, title and country:
1_ name_surname_ title_country.
Entries in the Panorama section should have a letter “P” with the identification number:
1P_name_surname_ title_country.

  • Entry Fees. Fees for foreign entries:

- $15/12euros for one section;
- $20/15euros for both sections.
De préférence par PAYPAL à notre courriel /Preferably by PAYPAL directly to our e-mail:

  • Jury:

• Volodymyr OHLOBLIN, NSPAU – Kharkiv, Ukraine
• Akaki PKHAKADZE, Chairmen of the Association of Photographers of Georgia – Tbilisi, Georgia
• Eero VENHOLA, EFIAP, SKsLE – Helsinki, Finland

  • Prizes and awards:

A) Section A – ISF medals and certificates;
B) Section B – medals and certificates from the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine;
C) Sections A and B – prizes from sponsors.
Winners will be awarded medals and diplomas of International Photo Association Image sans Frontière (ISF) and National Society of Photoartists of Ukraine (NSPAU), which will be accompanied by the prizes of our sponsors.

  • List of Prizes:

• SLR lens TAMRON AF 18-200mm F/3,5-6,3 XR Di II LD Asp
• SLR lens TAMRON AF 18-200mm F/3,5-6,3 XR Di II LD Asp
• Tripod professional SLIK Able 300 DX
• Tripod professional SLIK Able 300 DX
• TENBA Photorucksack Mixx Photo Daypack Small Black (638-651)
• TENBA Photorucksack Mixx Photo Daypack Small Blue (638-653)
• Manfrotto Set MK294A3-A0RC2
• Manfrotto Set MK294A3-A0RC2
• Manfrotto Set MK294A3-A0RC2
• Manfrotto Set MK294A3-A0RC2
• Manfrotto Set MK294A3-A0RC2
• Manfrotto Set MK294A3-A0RC2

  • Each participant will receive an illustrated catalogue.

The catalogues of 2010, 2011 and 2012 can be viewed at:

  • Each entrant owns the copyright of each submitted image. The entrant permits the organizers to reproduce any image free of charge for promotional purposes related to the Salon “Panorama of My Country”.
  • By participating in the contest, entrants agree to the above-mentioned terms.
  • Deadlines

- Closing day for entries: 11.59 p.m, July 23, 2013
- Judging: July 30, 2013
- Juried results: August 2013
- Exhibit opening and awards ceremony: September 30, 2013
- Display of works September 30 – October 07, 2013
- Mailing of catalogues: Autumn 2013

  • Contacts

National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine
P. O. Box 532-В, 01001 КYIV, Ukraine
Tel.: +38(044)361.76.92


City Gallery Prague cordially invites you to the openning of the exhibition named The Intimate Circle in Contemporary Czech Photography on Tuesday, May 14, 2013, at 5 p.m.

Exhibition invitation (pdf)

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Magdalena Juříková, Director of City Gallery Prague, and introduced by Vladimír Birgus, the Project Curator.

Petra Malá Miller

Petra Malá Miller

  • Municipal Library, 2nd floor
  • Mariánské náměstí 1, Prague 1 (entry from Valentinská Street)
  • The exhibition runs until August 18, 2013
  • Open daily except Mondays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Robert Vano Gallery offers new photo workshops with Robert Vano and Martin Ježík.

Robert Vano Gallery is an unique gallery in Slovakia focused on photography and movie. It carries the name of famous internationaly recognized photographer Robert Vano and provides a vision of training amateurs and professionals in the field of photography. After decades spent in New York, Paris, Milan and Prague, Robert Vano is coming back to Slovakia where he brings his valuable experiences and advices to the younger generation.

photo by Robert Vano

Robert Vano Gallery also organizes exhibitions of great photographers, seminars, workshops and discussions. Interview with Robert Vano can be found in SAM 03.

Workshops for the year 2013:

  • DAYLIGHT NUDE workshop with Robert Vano in Hotel ELIZABETH, Trenčín – 25. 5. 2013
  • DAYLIGHT PORTRAIT workshop with Robert Vano in Hotel ELIZABETH, Trenčín – 26. 5. 2013
  • PLATINOTYPE workshop platinotype with Robert Vano in Hotel ELIZABETH, Trenčín – 15. 6. 2013
  • Van Dyke Workshop with Martin Ježík in Hotel ELIZABETH, Trenčín – 16. 6. 2013
  • Wet Plate Collodion Tintype workshop with Martin Ježík in Hotel ELIZABETH, Trenčín – 20. 7. 2013
  • STUDIO / DAYLIGHT NUDE workshop with Robert Vano in Hotel ELIZABETH, Trenčín – 17. 8. 2013
  • STUDIO / DAYLIGHT WEDDING workshop with Robert Vano in Hotel ELIZABETH, Trenčín – 18. 8. 2013
  • STUDIO AKT workshop with Robert Vano in Grand Hotel Praha, Tatranská Lomnica – 31.8. 2013
  • STUDIO WEDDING workshop with Robert Vano in Grand Hotel Praha, Tatranská Lomnica – 1.9. 2013
  • DAYLIGHT AKT workshop with Robert Vano in Tomášov Castle  – 19.10. 2013
  • DAYLIGHT PORTRAIT workshop with Robert Vano in Tomášov Castle – 20.10. 2013
  • FASHION workshop with Robert Vano in Tomášov Castle – 23.11. 2013
  • WEDDING workshop with Robert Vano in Tomášov Castle – 24.11. 2013

More to be found at the official website of Robert Vano Gallery.



The CEHP in Bratislava announces an open call for photographers interested to exhibit their works in one of the galleries of the CEHP in 2014! The gallery will be available for rent for 250,- € /6 weeks!

The applications must be submited by 30.5.2013. Each application must be supported by:

  • Portfolio (description and images)
  • Author´s cv + e-mail address and telephone number must be stated.
  • We prefer to apply by regular post onto our address:

Att.: Michaela Bosakova
Prepostska 4
P.O.BOX 290
814 99 Bratislava

  • or to e-mail address: michaela.bosakova@gmail.com

The subject on e-mail or envelope should be: „Application 2014“. Each application will be considered by a professionals from the CEHP, the Slovak National Gallery and from the Association of Professional Photographers members.

There are certain financial needs, which must be covered by the applicant. All the further conditions will be sent after reception of the portfolio and consideration of the application!


The most photogenic festival of the year will take place in Český Krumlov.

On the second weekend in June, the Open – Air PHOTO festival will bring the most interesting things from the world of photography. The whole town centre will liven up with photography. The event is intended for the general public, the experts, and the whole families. We offer the latest trends, exhibitions, lectures, practical workshops, competitions, and meeting both Czech and International experts. The programme and quality background have been carefully designed and will enable to spend a weekend full of (not only) photographical experiences.

Why Český Krumlov?
Jiří Macháček, the director of the Innovate agency realising the whole project, explains the reason for choosing a town instead of, for instance, exhibition halls as a location for the introductory year of the Open – Air PHOTO festival: „A town brings both practical and comfortable background to visitors. And above all, thanks to amazing photogenic appearance and genius loci of Český Krumlov, it will be a unique „street“ event, where all photo fans definitely find things of their interest. In addition to it, Český Krumlov is a town interested in photography as such – there is a school with photography branch, Museum of photography, and two photo clubs.

The programme has been designed so that every visitor could enjoy not only taking photos with all senses during both festival days. The visitors can compare, test, and touch various photo equipments, to attend lectures and then try everything in practice within “practical workshops“. They can meet and discuss not only with Czech and International experts, but they can share experiences and findings with other visitors, or to learn about various school and photo clubs. No matter if the visitor is interested in new technologies, desires to reveal tricks and secrets of professionals or wants to take delight in exhibitions of photographs. The festival will be an enjoyable experience for the whole families even with little children. Everybody will find things of interest, both photography fans and the general public without photography ambitions, which can enjoy music production, competitions, exhibitions, or for instance the Glamour Party, which will take place in the local club City Longue.

Many chances to catch a beautiful, unconventional, and interesting pictures will be offered to all visitors around the whole town centre – in the castle, jail, cellars, winding streets, gardens, by the river, and at many others photogenic places. Thanks to these natural spaces and nooks, there will be a kind of „islands” by respective photographical genres, techniques, and programme.
„The photo festival, which will liven up the whole town, shows what and how is possible to photograph, no matter if you only take pictures with your mobile from time to time, you are amateur photographer, semi professional, or you just look for a eventful festival, where you can spend the whole weekend and find many things to discover“ says Jiří Macháček. Professional decorations, lighting, photo models, and specialized staff are taken for granted.

Photographic genres

It will be focused on people – portraits, fashion, children, weddings, street art, documentary, glamour, nude, and others. The visitors can look forward to many photographic opportunities, such as photography under water, man and fire, body painting, or fairy tale characters.

More information:



A new outstanding issue is here. It is full of new pictures which are bringing new sort of inspiration. We are trying to present an optimal mix of what is relevant in the world of art and photography and what matters.
Magazine production itself is not a very simple process. There is much effort in seeking and asking authors from all over the world. We are providing reasons why to share their artwork through our magazine with no direct reward.  Afterward a complicated and long communication follows between editorial board and authors. Once we have all inputs, we can start to work on layout, linguistic corrections and translations. Our editorial board counts two people.

Download PDF (108 MB)Download PDF (108 MB)
Read online Read online

Exhaustion and stress disappear when we see the result. Such a big number of great arts push us forward to another issue.
SAM magazine is done with you and for you. We are glad that you publish in our journal and thanks for reading it. We would be happy to see your comments or remarks concerning our future improvement.

List of authors:

Judita Csáderová, Aňa Struhárová, Katarína Opatovská, Alena Červeňanská, Peter Majkut, Tomáš Kováčik, Dušan Beňo, Lukáš Faturík, Roman Hajnala, Miroslav Hvozdenský, Aleksey & Marina, David Ho, Dominic Rouse, Lorena Cordero, Mete Özbek, Milosz Wozaczynski, Kiyo Murakami, Zdeněk Řivnáč, NOBAF