The purpose of the competition is promotion of art photography. Photos sent to the category: Cultural Heritage UNESCO must be taken at the places which are declared to be cultural and natural heritage by UNESCO. In case of any doubt the author is obliged to submit upon request the place where the photogrpah was taken. The comptetition is designed for photogrpahers from all over the world who will send a maximum 4 photos to each category. Digital sets must be sent in the JPEG file in resolution maximum 1024 pixels longer side, multiplied by 768, square 768×768, maximum size 800kb. The name of the set must in the form: Surname-last four digits of your phone-category and the image number (e.g.: smith-1234-A1.jpg).
Digital photos may be sent by three ways:

  1. by post on CD to the address: Ing. Gabriel Grund, Kukorelliho 46, 08501 Bardejov, Slovakia along with the participation fee
  2. by e-mail to the address: accompanied with the attached Entry Form
  3. on-line:

Main prices:

FIAP Badge for the Best Author
FIAP Medals: 5 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze and 30 Honourable Mentions
City of Bardejov Grand Prix
Association of Slovak Photographers Price
Photoclub BARDAF Price – 10 Honourable Mentions / two in each category/
Association of Polish Art Photographers Price: 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze

More can be can be found at the oficial website….