The 26th International Month of Photography Festival begins.

For the twenty-sixth year, Bratislava comes to life with photography throughout the month of November. This year will focus on two opposing lines of contemporary photography in the last 30 years; the neo-conceptual and narrative movements in photography. A special group of expositions will be formed by those works that accompany the release of the latest volume of, the History of European Photography of the 20th Century. This book is the most comprehensive research, and publication, achievement by the festival organizers; it has been developed in cooperation with other photography professionals from 36 European countries. The launching ceremony for the third and the final volume will map the history of photography from 1970 – 2000. The focus will not only be on ”the great photographic powers of the West” but also on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, from Albania to Ukraine, making it the first publication of its kind. The launching ceremony for the third volume will be held in the Albertina in Vienna and in the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava with the participation of all European authors.

After a years break, three important exhibitions at Kunsthalle will be opened. The highlights of this years festival will undoubtedly include the contemporary Spanish photographer Chema Madoz who became world famous thanks mostly to his surreal black and white photographs of objects, created with a great deal of ingenuity.

Chema Manoz

Chema Manoz

From Serbia, we are going to introduce private photographs of the communist politician Josip Broz Tito. At the collective exhibition of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) archive you can see dozens of prominent photographers documenting rural and small town life America after the economic crisis from 1935 to 1942. The photographers captured portraits of people and their difficult living conditions, housing problems and labour migration. The most famous of the photographers include Carl Mydans, Walker Evans, Marion Post Wolcott and Dorothea Lange, whose image of a migrant mother from 1936 became the official symbol of the project.

Marion Post Wolcott

Marion Post Wolcott

An exhibition of the French photographer Tatiana Lecomte, will open  at the Central European House of Photography. Tatiana Lecomte won the European Month of Photography prize, which is presented every two years in Luxembourg. The work of Mexican photographer Flor Garduňo can be seen on the second floor.

Flor Garduňo

Flor Garduňo


For photography from around the world, for the second time we will open an exhibition featuring the most comprehensive international photography competition the 2016 Sony World Photo Awards. This exhibition will be held in the Eurovea Expo Gallery. Every year, the Sony World Photo Awards presents the best international photographic talent and rewards professionals, amateurs, youths and students from around the world in a variety of photographic genres.

Since 2004, the Month of Photography in Bratislava has been a part of the European Month of Photography within the united association of festivals in Athens, Budapest, Paris, Luxembourg, Ljubljana and Vienna. Joint exhibitions will be held through the mutual collaboration of curators from these cities. This year, the partners have prepared the project, Looking into Clouds, which draws on exhibitions by more than 50 European photographers.


The twenty-fifth year of the event, which is traditionally part of autumn in Bratislava, brings new names, topics, and changes that have been carried out through the efforts of the organizers to achieve the best possible program, but also as a needed response to changes in the cultural (or uncultured) environment of Bratislava. Thanks to the understanding of the Slovak National Museum administration, three exhibitions will be held in museums on Žižkova street. In a similar fashion, the director of the Modern Art Gallery at the Danubiana came forward to meet our needs, therefore this gallery will become part of the festival for the first time.


The dramaturgy of the event builds on the opposition between the home and nomadism. We prepared the program a year ago, there is no intentional correlation with the current refugee crisis; although this correlation cannot be avoided. We were taught at school that home needs to be understood as “hands on which you can cry,” but certainly it is a wider phenomenon. We can include here: Knap’s Zen observations on the passage of time in nature or life; and Niedenthal’s authentic documentary photography of the struggle between Solidarity and political power during the eighties in Poland. In contrast to this stands the profession of a photographer, who as an author reports on problems, conflicts, and countries which at first glance seem exotic and incomprehensible regarding the meaning of home. Martin Kollár thus reveals the undercurrents of the Israeli presence, Gregor Sailer narrates the story of life in places where, behind beautiful scenery, cruel conflicts take place.

The Month of Photography is an event that was created in 1991 thanks to the European House of Photography in Paris. In a way, France is the guest of honour of the event, therefore the choice of theme is in accordance with this as well. The photographic culture of France is represented by the works of two extraordinary personalities – Robert Doisneau, who perfectly reflects the joyful and optimistic era of the fifties and sixties and Bernard Plossu who in the following decades looked for new forms of photography. From the younger generation, we chose Myette Fauchere‘s project which resembles the ties between France and its former African colonies.

Map of exhibitions

The Open-air PHOTO festival is a flagship

Press Release, 5. 1. 2015

The Open-air PHOTO festival is a flagship on the sea of world photographic events

The Open-air PHOTO festival, a part of which was almost 3000 visitors, organises in the second year a range of partial projects, such as international meeting of photo clubs, competition of photogenic ideas ART ROOM, world competition Photo Award. The festival also presents contemporary Slovak talents of the New wave or welcomes an exclusive festival guest Robert Vano.

The festival offers both classic, which means exhibitions, lectures, workshops and expositions of photo equipment, and mainly active photography. This is missing in other photographic events and this is how the Open-air PHOTO festival differs from other project in both in Europe and in the world. The festival takes place in one of the most photogenic towns, Český Krumlov, listed in UNESCO. As the town is a co-organizer of the festival, visitors can get to especially attractive interiors and exteriors. Many photo stages in the festival theme 2015 – Man and addiction – as well as professional background and a wide range of photographic genres from street photo to nude will be prepared. There is a chance to participate and create for professional and amateurs, but also for people, who use a camera or mobile phone only for records of family celebrations or holidays and would like to achieve more.

Where lies the uniqueness of the festival?

A concept of the festival, which is unparalleled in the world, meets requirements of both trends of experience hobby tourism and demands of professional photographers, as confirmed in words of Martina Ptáčková, the director of the festival: Most of the festivals are photogenic. People take pictures of music bands, actors, light installations, but it is always a kind of snapshot, souvenir from an event. Our festival, as one and the only, is focused on people, who like taking photos. Thus the programme complies with demands of photographers, which means to have good light, professional background, peace and time to take photos, and quality content of photography. No matter if a photographer professional or amateur, we offer a story in form of experience, which can be captured in professional conditions, thus learning new things, to pick some tricks from more experienced colleagues, or only just enrich their portfolio with beautiful pictures or genres, which are not common to be met.

The second year will introduce new projects, photo locations, and personalities

The festival tries to present the most attractive and most photogenic locations of Český Krumlov to visitors. It can be architectonic masterpieces; bur also secludes places, releasing photographic imagination. Besides well proved photo locations from last year, there will be new places such as Graphite quarry, Synagogue, or a rock at the Ploučnice River.

SUPŠ sv.Anežky - Jan Mahr

SUPŠ sv.Anežky – Jan Mahr

In addition to broadening visitors´ horizons in field of Český Krumlov architecture, the organizers also try to present new personalities to them. As an exclusive guest, Robert Vano is coming. More artists, who will be somehow involved in festival events, will be e.g, Tereza z DavleGarick AvanesianDorota Kycia (PL), Aleksandr Kharvat (UK), Ondřej NeffKatarína SmikováAsen ŠopovMilan BýčekJaroslav Svoboda or artist Vladimír Merta.
The projects, which are a part of the festival programme, are in process now. In January, there is closing date for competitions of secondary schools of art for photogenic ideas ART ROOM¸ Another competition PHOTO Award is under patronage of world organizations FIAP, IAAP, PSA, and ČFFU. The organizers of the festival closely cooperate with photo clubs, and therefore even this year the international Meeting of photo clubs is will take place. Currently, several Czech and Slovak photo clubs has been registered and the organizers gladly welcome more those interested from both Czech Republic and abroad. Symbolically, by occasion of Velvet Revolution 25th Anniversary, a project new wave was opened, with aim to introduce young Slovak talents in cooperation with the independent media SAM. The artistic quality and European contribution of the festival and partial projects were appreciated by the International Visegrad Fund, from which the festival received international grant.

The only festival, where you really enjoy taking photos

The Open-air PHOTO festival is a specific festival focused of photography, which combines experience format with interactive education. Meetings of photo clubs, lectures, workshops, expositions of technological news, discussions with the experts, or photo advisory office will take place for the whole Friday; tens of locations and photo stages on historic background of the town for the weekend. During three days, professionals, fans, and people moving in front of and behind camera will meet in Český Krumlov. At one place people meet, exchange experience, and expand their knowledge. Český Krumlov will liven up with photography again on 5 – 7.6.2015.

SUPŠ sv.Anežky - Jan Mahr

SUPŠ sv.Anežky – Jan Mahr

Contact for the media:
Soňa Holotová,, +420 725 373 155

Co-organizer of the festival is Český Krumlov
The festival and partial projects are supported by:
International Visegrad FundCzech Federation of Photographic ArtUnion of Slovak PhotographersFédération Internationale de l’Art PhotographiquePhotographic Society of AmericaInternational Association of Art Photographers

Programme and product partners:
Ośrodek Kultury i Sztuki we Wrocławiu (PL), Ciróka Bábszínház (HU), IRIS (SK), AKF (SK), SUPŠ Sv. Anežky ČeskéMuseum Fotoateliér SeidelEIZOAdes4studio, Carl ZeissNONAC CVAPROOneFiveFUJIFILMFotoKrumlovAFOPPICTOARTFOTOSFÉRACirkus trochu jinakCzech BeautyKonfrontace

Media partners:
FotoVideoDigiNeffePhoto.skmagazín D., Slovak Art


1.year of the Open –air PHOTO festival in numbers
17 locations / 54 photo stages / 18 photo genres / 98 photo models / 3000 visitors
120 lectures / 50 practical workshops / 36 partners / 30 personalities / 21 exhibitions
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