Month of photography 2014

Central European House of photography brings to Bratislava a great photographic festival in November.

Dramaturgy in the 24th year of the Month of Photography stands on four pillars. The first pillar consists of exhibitions that thematise photography and theatre. The group of exhibitions includes one that is exceptional, Theatrical World 1839–1939, and also the unique original prints by Rudolf Koppitz, an Austrian author of the early 20th century. A renewed interest in inscenation can be observed in the retrospective work by Milota Havránková who inspired the Slovak New Wave. Month of photography presents a detailed reconstruction of the work of this group at the House of Arts / Kunsthalle.

Milota Havránková

Milota Havránková

The second topic of the Month of Photography is based on the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism in 1989. Five years ago we exhibited photographs that authentically captured the way of life in countries at the time of “real socialism”. This time we have prepared a series of exhibitions that tell how photography, and also culture, was misused in the era of totalitarian regimes (not only communist but also fascist). The title Propaganda and Power already suggests how photography was dealt with, not only by dictators such as Klement Gottwald, but also Jozef Tiso and Enver Hodža. The exhibition “Colors of the Republic” documents propaganda in early colour photographs from the German Democratic Republic. István Bielik reminds us of the falsehood of Russian propaganda, in the news from Maidan square in Kiev in January.

István Bielik

István Bielik

As always, an essential part of the Month of Photography are exhibitions of other Slovak photographers; from history and also from the present: Kornél Divald, Ján Galanda, Juraj LiptákPavol Breier (Prague), Silvia Saparová (Warsaw), Pavel Maria Smejkal (Vienna), etc.

The highlights of Central European and world photography include the Sony World Photography Award exhibition, which gathers together the best of current journalistic photography; and of course, the work of Gabriele Basilico, an exceptional Italian photographer of major cities of the world.

Gabriele Basilico

Gabriele Basilico

Month of photography includes also others exhibition out of Bratislava city, several photographic workshops, portfolio review and many accompanying photographic events.


You are cordially invited to the opening of exhibition FOLLOWING THE CROSS.

Photographers: Andrej BÁN ǀ Pavol BREIER ǀ Michal FULIER ǀ Alan HYŽA ǀ Andrej LOJAN ǀ Laco MAĎAR ǀ Boris NÉMETH ǀ Jozef ONDZIK ǀ Jozef SEDLÁK ǀ Jindřich ŠTREIT ǀ Matúš ZAJAC

Opening will be held on Thursday on 2nd October 2014 at 4pm in gallery of Town Hall of City of Levoča, Square of Master Paul No. 2.


Thematic exhibition of contemporary documentary photography from production of Dom fotografie, interprets pilgrimages, Christian festivals and events, missions, and daily rituals following „cross“.
Curators:Ivana Pastorová, Lucia Benická
Special cooperation:Jozef Sedlák

Exhibition invitation (PDF)

Exhibition is open: 2.10.2014 – 16.11.2014, Monday – Sunday, 9am- 5pm..
Town Hall of City of Levoča, Square of Master Paul No. 2 ǀ ǀ

Foreign countries are interested in the Open-air PHOTO festival

Press Release, 21. 7. 2014

Foreign countries are interested in the Open-air PHOTO festival

More artistic spirit, participation of Visegrád countries, the main theme Man and Addiction, a contest of schools with artistic branches of study.

Our forthcoming year confirms a clear conception, resulting from the first year. Interest from abroad confirms our vision. I can confirm that we hear from photography fans, who have learned about the festival and the experts from neighbouring countries, as well as Belgium, Spain, and Great Britain, who would like to exhibit in the festival. Of course we are delighted that foreign photo clubs have found interest“ says Martina Ptáčková, producer of the festival, and continues: “Currently we are negotiating with Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, who are all in keen negotiation. Even for this reason we strive to get the Visegrád grant.

The main theme of the second year

The first year was focused on Mankind. Next year will not differ, yet the main, associating theme, offering discussion from various social-scientific and artistic points of view, will be Man and Addiction, subtitled „What forms and shapes may addiction have and how photography can express it. Although photography comes into focus, also other artistic genres from theatre, clothes design, to stage design will be included. And all these branches in this theme will be seen in the public space in Český Krumlov. Last year the festival occupied the castle, cluster, monastery gardens, City theatre, Museum Fotoateliér Seidel, narrow streets and nooks of the historic centre, and school of arts.

Martin Grobař

ART ROOM 2015 Competition

Premises of the St.Agnes of Bohemia Secondary School of Art and Design became a strong location in terms of the theme and programme. Combination of photography with processes and results of artistic production is the main idea for opening the contest ART ROOMS 2015.
The competition is open for students of secondary schools and colleges with artistic branches of study from the Czech Republic and Visegrad countries. The ART ROOM 2015 enables them to express themselves to the festival theme, and, at the same time, provides space for presenting their work in the streets of the town. The festival experts and general public will have the opportunity to see and photograph the best installations of young artists and present it in other countries. “We want to inspire people to create, innovate , introduce young talent, cultivate and educate visitors” says Martina Ptáčková.

The jury

As previously mentioned , the main theme of the competition of schools and of the festival is the same, Man and Addiction. Character of the competition assumes team work interconnecting more branches in a given school (e.g. stage, graphic, and industrial design, architecture, etc.) The task is to create photographical scene, which will creatively express the theme of the competition and will be transportable to different environments, Original photo scenes will be assessed and selected by the jury, with Ondřej Neff in head¸ Other members of the jury are: photographer Tereza z Davle, film architect Milan Býček, artist Vladimír Merta, cameraman Asen Šopov, stage designer Jaroslav Svoboda and a representative of professional supervisors from the given country. Winning installations will become a part of the programme, thus compared with different environments. A travelling exhibition will take place over the Czech Republic and partner countries. Guarantor of the competition is St.Agnes of Bohemia Secondary School in the Czech Republic and Academy of Creative Photography in Slovakia.

Open air

What is the Open-air PHOTO festival?

The Open-air PHOTO festival is a special experience form of a professional festival. It is unique mainly by its interactivity. The weekend full of active photography within a carefully prepared programme with Český Krumlov providing the historic background. In our educational programme we provide lectures, workshops, expositions of technological news, discussions with experts or photo advisory centre take place for the whole Friday.
The event, which is unparalleled in the world of photography, gained favourable acceptance among participating experts, performers, partners, the media, and visitors, as well as the town itself. In two days, the town listed in UNESCO World Heritage becomes a place for encounter of professionals, fans, and people moving in front of and behind the camera. It is a great place to gather experience, new contacts, and to improve knowledge. The general public with no interest in the art form itself will find the things of their own taste. Accompanying programmes will take place in the centre of the town for the whole day. Interesting music bands, dance, and photogenic performances will be seen in the evening on the main stage. The whole rich programme will be topped with the night after party. Český Krumlov will liven up with photography again next year, in June 2015.


Contact for the media:

Martina Ptáčková,,

+ 420 777 931 506

Panorama of my Earth 2014

SAM brings an information about international photographic competition – Panorama of my Earth organized by National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine under patronage of ISF – Image sans Frontière.

Entry requirements:

Photographs should capture the essence of each Country: its people, its landscapes, its history, its architecture, its events, its traditions, its folklore, its flora and fauna, etc. The picture should not necessarily show the author’s permanent residency country.

Panorama of my Earth

1. Open to photographers, worldwide.
2. Theme – open.
3. Contest is composed of two sections:

A. Panoramic Format

Size requirements:A relationship of 1:2 to 1:7; minimal size on the short size of the image – 30cm.

Roman Mykhailiuk

B. Traditional Format

Size requirements:A relationship of 2:3, that is 30x45cm and 40x60cm, other sizes accepted, keeping in mind that the minimum measurements of the short side must be 30cm and the maximum length of the long side 60cm.

Somenath Mukhopadhyay

Each entrant may submit a maximum of five images per section.

4. During the first stage, photos will be accepted only by e-mail to, in jpg format 72 dpi 300 kb, for panorama photos – 600 px on the shortest side, for traditional formats – 1200 px on the longest side. After judging, during the second stage, authors will have to send the original selected photos to the same e-mail address. The photographs sent should be full size so that they can be printed (see the requirements of 3A and 3B).
While sending preview photos, authors also have to send a filled entry form and confirmation of the payment for the entry. Please, fill in and keep the entry form in the original Word format. Without filled entry-form and confirmation of the payment, photos will not be reviewed.

5. Images must be borderless, no margins or frames.

6. The works, previously exhibited at the the international photo salons in Ukraine and other countries, will not be accepted for the jury consideration.

7. Each entry form must be written either in English or in French.
Each entry form must have an identification number, name, surname, title and country:

1_ name_surname_ title_country.

Entries in the Panorama section should have a letter “P” with the identification number:

1P_name_surname_ title_country.

8. Entry Fees. Fees for foreign entries:

- $15/12euros for one section;

- $20/15euros for both sections.

De préférence par PAYPAL à notre courriel /Preferably by PAYPAL directly to our e-mail:

9. Jury:

• Serhii PLYTKEVICH, «Photographic Art» – Minsk, Belarus
• Mykola POIATA, AFIAP, UAFM – Kishinev, Moldova
• Eduard STRANADKO, NSPAU – Poltava, Ukraine

10. Prizes and awards:

A) Section A – ISF medals and certificates;

B) Section B – medals and certificates from the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine;

C) Sections A and B – prizes from sponsors.

Winners will be awarded medals and diplomas of International Photo Association Image sans Frontière (ISF) and National Society of Photoartists of Ukraine (NSPAU), which will be accompanied by the prizes of our sponsors.

List of Prizes:

SLR lens TAMRON AF 18-200mm F/3,5-6,3 XR Di II LD Asp. (IF) Macro; SLR lens TAMRON AF 18-200mm F/3,5-6,3 XR Di II LD Asp. (IF) Macro; Tripod professional SLIK Able 300 DX; Tripod professional SLIK Able 300 DX; TENBA Photorucksack Mixx Photo Daypack Small Black (638-651); TENBA Photorucksack Mixx Photo Daypack Small Blue (638-653); Manfrotto Set MK294A3-A0RC2

Prize fund is in the process of completion.

11. Each participant will receive an illustrated catalogue.

The catalogues of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 can be viewed at:

Four previous exhibitions from the Photosalon can be viewed at the NSPAU website:

12. Each entrant owns the copyright of each submitted image. The entrant permits the organizers to reproduce any image free of charge for promotional purposes related to the Salon “Panorama of My Earth”.

13. By participating in the contest, entrants agree to the above-mentioned terms.


• Closing day for entries: 11:59p.m, August 03, 2014
• Judging: August 06, 2014
• Juried results: August 2014
• Exhibit opening and awards ceremony: September 29, 2014
• Display of works September 30-October 12, 2014
• Mailing of catalogues: Autumn 2014


National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine

23/126А, Symona Petliury Str., 01032 КYIV, Ukraine

Tel.: +38(044)361.76.92

Open-air PHOTO festival

Our magazine has become a media partner Open-air PHOTO festival event. Its last year part was a great international photographic event so we decided to support this action a to promote it through our web and social network to broader public. Lets read the first article devoted to Open-air PHOTO festival where you can find basic information for the next year.

The biggest European presentation of photographic opportunities, the biennial event Open-air PHOTO festival was successfully premiered last year. Český Krumlov, the co-organizer of the event, will liven up with photography again on 5.-7. June 2015.
The event, which is unparalleled in the world of photography, gained favourable acceptance among participating experts, performers, partners, the media, and visitors, as well as the town itself. In two days, the town listed in UNESCO World Heritage becomes a place for encounter of professionals, fans, and people moving in front of and behind the camera. It is a great place to meet, exchange experience, and improve knowledge.


What is Open-air PHOTO festival?
The Open-air PHOTO festival is a professional artistic festival, combining experience form with interactive education. Although photography is at the forefront, also further artistic genres, such as theatre, clothes design, and stage design are represented. Active taking photo in the historic background of the town is preceded by an educational part.  Lectures, workshops, expositions of technological news, discussions with experts or photo advisory centre take place for the whole Friday. Visitors will be enriched by both their knowledge and by uncommon photographs.


In addition to it, the second year brings a novelty. It is a contest and involvement of secondary art schools both Czech and International, the aim of which is not only to bring the artistic production and young talents closer to professionals and photographers, but also to educate common visitors. Winning installation will be a part of the programme, thus providing comparison with a different environment. A travelling exhibition over the Czech Republic and partner countries will take place during in the next year. The professional supervisor of the contest will be the St. Agnes of Bohemia Secondary School of Art and Design, which already participated in the first year.

More about contest here (doc)

Also the public without photographic ambitions, including families with children, will find the things of their interest. Accompanying programme will take place in the centre of the town for the whole day. Interesting music bands, dance, and photogenic performances will be seen on the main stage in the evening. The whole rich programme will be topped with the night after party.


The main theme of the 2nd year
The first year was focused on Mankind. The second year will not differ. The main theme, offering a discussion from various social-scientific and artistic points of view, will be Man and Addiction subtitled: Which forms may an addiction have and how photography can express it.

More information about theme (doc)

1st year of the festival in numbers
17 locations/ 54 photo stages / 18 photo genres/ 98 photo models / 3000 visitors
120 lectures / 50 workshops / 36 partners / 30 personalities / 21 exhibitions

Here you can browse a presentation (PDF)

More information at the oficial website of the festival



Photomedia, in the eyes of many artists throughout the globe, is in no way just another photo exhibition. As many of you may well know, throughout the years long tradition, Photomedia established itself as a well-known brand among the tsunami of digital competitions, being one of the few print exhibitions, where we honor the author’s approach and effort, making the selection of works in a live and vivid communication between the members of the jury. As a result of that approach, we at Photomedia receive some of the finest works from the current period, from all sides of the world. Thus, we encourage you to send your prints to Photomedia 2014 and be a part of our exquisite journey through contemporary photography.

Elek Papp - The Gypsie chief (Hungary)

Elek Papp - The Gypsie chief (Hungary)

Photomedia exists simply from and for the LOVE and PASSION for PHOTOGRAPHY and is based on voluntary sweat of our team!

We encourage you to take participation in our distinguished event, and by doing so, you support the core values of our beloved art. You can follow our event on Facebook or see our web site.

Click for the PDF with propositions

Warm greetings from Macedonia, may the light be with you all.

Sašo N. Aluševski, salon chairperson


13th edition of Fotofestiwal will take place on June 5-15, 2014 in Łódź, as ever. This time the festival returns to the venue in which 10 earlier editions took place. Main exhibitions and events will be housed at Art_Inkubator w Fabryce Sztuki, three post-industrial buildings which have been modernized and transformed into an impressive, high-tech place within the last 3 years. The programme of this year Fotofestiwal is afoot, but we will disclose a few details right now.

Future Photo Show is a discussion panel devoted to the theme of future, combined with meetings with authors. The guests will be visionary artists, who create images of the future. We have invited three photographers: Phillip Toledano, Vincent Fournier and Kobas Laksa.

Kobas Laksa, Stephan

Kobas Laksa, Stephan

As part of the Special Exhibitions section we will show two extensive, retrospective exhibitions: disquieting, sombre Roger Ballen, one of the most widely exhibited photographers in the world at the moment, and Volker Hinz, photographer of major personalities of the 20th century history and showbiz. Aside from that, we will present a multiply awarded project by the Russian artist, Evgenia Arbugaeva, who tells a fairy-tale story of the artist’s childhood in faraway Siberia.

Roger Ballen, Dresie and Casie, twins, W Tvl, 1993

Roger Ballen, Dresie and Casie, twins, W Tvl, 1993

Amongst the finalists selected from over 600 submissions to the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2014 there are, i.a.: Elena Chernyshova, awarded at this year World Press Photo contest for her photographs of Norilsk, one of the most polluted cities in the world, and Adam Lach, whose Stigma project received an honourable mention at the prestigious American contest Pictures of the Year International 2014. All in all 10 finalists will participate in the contest exhibition, one of which will be awarded with the Grand Prix of 10 000 PLN.

The following artists will also present their work at this year Fotofestiwal: Kuba Dąbrowski, Igor Omulecki, Anita Andrzejewska, Jakub Karwowski. Aside from the photography exhibitions there will also be a display of publications devoted to photography entitled The Best Photobook of the Year 2014.

Together with the legendary Magnum Photos Agency we would like to invite you to two events:

- Masterclass – exclusive 4-day long master workshops with Alex Webb, one of the top photographers of the Agency, and Rebecca Norris Webb.

- Professional Practice – meetings and portfolio review with experts collaborating with the Agency on the subject of finding one’s way in the contemporary market of photography.
The programme will also include: workshops, meetings with authors, contests, photography auction, late night slide shows, reading room and, obviously, clubbing in Łódź.

Volker Hinz, legends, Woody Allen

Volker Hinz, legends, Woody Allen

More details at the oficial website


We invite you to the exhibition of Šymon Kliman which will be part of a broader event devoted to themes of The Second World War.

Albert Mikoviny photo by Šymon Kliman

Albert Mikoviny photo by Šymon Kliman

Partisans – Heroes.
Every hero is alive thanks to one’s image, created in the imagined and imagining community (such as nation).

More about event can be found here:


The purpose of the competition is promotion of art photography. The comptetition is designed for photogrpahers from all over the world who will send a maximum 4 photos to each category. Digital sets must be sent in the JPEG file in resolution maximum 2400 pixels longer side, multiplied by 1800, square 1800×1800, maximum size 3Mb. The name of the set must in the form: Surname-Image title-category and the image number (e.g.: smith-girl in white-A1.jpg).


A. Nude – Coloured ­+ Black & white digital photogrpahy
B. Landscape – Coloured ­+ Black & white digital photography
C. Free theme – Coloured ­+ Black & white digital photography
D. Photojournalism /Street/ – Coloured ­+ Black & white digital photography
E. Folklore and folk traditions – Coloured ­+ Black & white digital photogrpahy

Digital photos may be sent by three ways:

1. by post on CD to the address: Ing. Gabriel Grund, Kukorelliho 46, 08501 Bardejov, Slovakia along with the participation fee
2. by e-mail to the address: accompanied with the attached Entry Form
3. on-line:

Main prices:

  • FIAP Badge for the Best Author
  • FIAPMedals: 3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze and 18 Honourable Mentions
  • City of Bardejov Grand Prix
  • Assocaiton of Slovak Photographers Price
  • Photoclub BARDAF Price – BARDAF Medals: 5 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze
  • 10 Honourable Mentions / two in each category/
  • Association of Polish Art Photographers: 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze


  • Chairman – Prof. Sergiusz Sachno, Poland
  • Chernevyy Yuriy, EFIAP, Ukraine
  • MUDr. Ján Holly, Slovak republic
  • Alternate – Ing. Leonard Banas AFIAP, Slovak republic

President of Competiition: Ing. Gabriel Grund, EFIAP

Jury Secretary: Jaroslav Gutek, EFIAP

Entry fee:

The entry fee is 10 EUR plus 5 EUR for each another category or 25 EUR for all categories. The entry fee may be paid by transfer to the bank account No.: IBAN: SK28 0200 0000 0030 2878 1957, by PAYPAL: ( preferred way) or directly enclosed to the sent Entry Form with CD/DVD with the written author´s name and surname.

Photographies without paid entry fee will not be accepted. Fees and photographies must be delivered by 01.05.2014. The participant by submitting his entries declares his approval with terms and conditions determined by the organizer. The participant must be a holder of author rights to the submitted photos and he is aware that they may be published in connection with the exhibition.

Official website

Entry form (doc)


Magazine atteliér and Studio of documentary and reportage photography of FMK UCM in Trnava invite you to the photo presentation of slovak press photographer and documentarist Michal Burza, who has recently come back from Ukraine where he captured civil protests of Kiev spring.

Michal survived the hardest fight (20. – 21.2. 2014) at the Kiev`s square Majdan with a camera in his hand. You will have an unique chance to talk with a man who faced of death and witnessed this event which is important for the whole Europe.

Do not miss this!