“At weddings I love the radiation of love and tenderness.” Robert Vano Gallery

Graduated civil engineer Jana Kvaltínová found her inner fulfillment in more romantic field than her field of study is. Her profession and passion together is wedding photography. She loves wedding entertainment but she takes her work with absolute seriousness, responsibility and perfectionism. Janka`s aim is not only to capture the moment but mainly that inexplicable feature which two people brings to the altar.

It is a little unusual that civil engineer became a wedding photographer…

I got inspired by my sister who was devoted to photography and she helped me a lot in the beginnings. My photography began with the birth of my daughter and initially I just wanted to take a nice photo of baby. But it went a little faster. I did not expect I will ever take pictures of people and weddings. The first object I shot was my future sister in law. She is very pretty and photogenic woman so we started training together.

© Jana Kvaltínová

Do you communicate with the wedding guests? Are you invisible or do you try to manage things?

I think I’m more invisible but of course if it is necessary I have no problem to communicate or to express my ideas. I’m the type who loves weddings since childhood and I am having fun along with the guests. When they dance I dance with them. I like to talk with their friends and family.

How couples planning a wedding can find you?

They can find me mainly through recommendations of their friends, family or acquaintances. Personally I have never put any advertisement. My ad is my job.

© Jana Kvaltínová

Many couples are waiting for wedding photos for several months due to demanding post processing. To what extent do you edit your photos?

I’m a perfectionist and I cannot pass a raw image to someone who trusts me. Today everybody has thousands quickly taken images at home. Wedding is a special occasion and later along with the memories really only pictures remain. Therefore I focus a lot to process them all and it takes me a month or two. When they see couple of photos processed at the beginning they rather wait because they know it is worth it.

Do you recognize the competition? At what level do you think the wedding photography in Slovakia is?

We have a very nice production but there are photographers who lower the level whether for price or quality. I do not understand how someone can deliver the photo to the client the next day without any adjustment. I am always surprised that there are people who are even willing to pay.

© Jana Kvaltínová

Is photo shooting besides a hobby also a commercial matter for you?

I like showing people that they are beautiful. I want to make them happy and I enjoy when the picture gives them something. Places, light and props, everything I use is linked with romance and joy.

© Jana Kvaltínová

Interview by Romana Juhásová / Robert Vano Gallery