We are inviting you to the exhibition of young talented photographer ARIA BARÓ (Mária Švarbová). She was featured in the very first issue of SAM.

Mária Švarbová, in artistic community called by name Aria Baró, was born in 1988 in Slovakia. While studying archeology at university she has devoted her free time to art photography since 2010. She has been impressed by portraits the most. Mária believes that only a human being can give a soul to a photography.

You can find a lot of emotions displayed on her portraits, sometimes combined with almost depressive atmosphere. She prefers the dim glow of melancholy and nostalgia but presents also vague feeling which challenges the viewer´s fantasy to find his own story. Capturing the unique personality of a human being is one of the most important aspects of her work. In addition to capturing the personality the second part of her art is to visualize her own mind and reflect herself in her own works.

Openning: 10.7.2013

Where: PRO.Laika gallery restaurant, Palackého 14, Bratislava

Exhibition ends: 10.8.2013