This project has come out of our minds overstuffed by thousands of pictures (great and bad)  which are so easily to found on dozen of webs. Our goal is to make our own selection in terms of what we consider to be as a great fine art. That`s why we built this website and created our magazine. Big THANKS to all cooperating artists because it is them who creates the beauty of SAM.

Magazine owns the international standard number for serial publications ISSN 1338-6239 listed in the national ISSN database in www.ulib.sk as well as  in worldwide  ISSN  database under control of International Centre of ISSN in Paris www.issn.org.

Editorial board:

SAM is non-profit project to which we devote our free time and is financed from our personal sources. There is no disturbing advertisement in our magazine. Help us to keep our editorial independence and support Slovak Art Magazine. We need your support to continue our work and to improve our magazine.

Your gift won`t be misused but will be spent to keep SAM running. What for?

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List of contributors

Karel (Otrokovice, CZ), Matej (Liptovský Mikuláš, SK), Emmanuelle (FR)

THANKS to all for your support!