Foreign countries are interested in the Open-air PHOTO festival

Press Release, 21. 7. 2014

Foreign countries are interested in the Open-air PHOTO festival

More artistic spirit, participation of Visegrád countries, the main theme Man and Addiction, a contest of schools with artistic branches of study.

Our forthcoming year confirms a clear conception, resulting from the first year. Interest from abroad confirms our vision. I can confirm that we hear from photography fans, who have learned about the festival and the experts from neighbouring countries, as well as Belgium, Spain, and Great Britain, who would like to exhibit in the festival. Of course we are delighted that foreign photo clubs have found interest“ says Martina Ptáčková, producer of the festival, and continues: “Currently we are negotiating with Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, who are all in keen negotiation. Even for this reason we strive to get the Visegrád grant.

The main theme of the second year

The first year was focused on Mankind. Next year will not differ, yet the main, associating theme, offering discussion from various social-scientific and artistic points of view, will be Man and Addiction, subtitled „What forms and shapes may addiction have and how photography can express it. Although photography comes into focus, also other artistic genres from theatre, clothes design, to stage design will be included. And all these branches in this theme will be seen in the public space in Český Krumlov. Last year the festival occupied the castle, cluster, monastery gardens, City theatre, Museum Fotoateliér Seidel, narrow streets and nooks of the historic centre, and school of arts.

Martin Grobař

ART ROOM 2015 Competition

Premises of the St.Agnes of Bohemia Secondary School of Art and Design became a strong location in terms of the theme and programme. Combination of photography with processes and results of artistic production is the main idea for opening the contest ART ROOMS 2015.
The competition is open for students of secondary schools and colleges with artistic branches of study from the Czech Republic and Visegrad countries. The ART ROOM 2015 enables them to express themselves to the festival theme, and, at the same time, provides space for presenting their work in the streets of the town. The festival experts and general public will have the opportunity to see and photograph the best installations of young artists and present it in other countries. “We want to inspire people to create, innovate , introduce young talent, cultivate and educate visitors” says Martina Ptáčková.

The jury

As previously mentioned , the main theme of the competition of schools and of the festival is the same, Man and Addiction. Character of the competition assumes team work interconnecting more branches in a given school (e.g. stage, graphic, and industrial design, architecture, etc.) The task is to create photographical scene, which will creatively express the theme of the competition and will be transportable to different environments, Original photo scenes will be assessed and selected by the jury, with Ondřej Neff in head¸ Other members of the jury are: photographer Tereza z Davle, film architect Milan Býček, artist Vladimír Merta, cameraman Asen Šopov, stage designer Jaroslav Svoboda and a representative of professional supervisors from the given country. Winning installations will become a part of the programme, thus compared with different environments. A travelling exhibition will take place over the Czech Republic and partner countries. Guarantor of the competition is St.Agnes of Bohemia Secondary School in the Czech Republic and Academy of Creative Photography in Slovakia.

Open air

What is the Open-air PHOTO festival?

The Open-air PHOTO festival is a special experience form of a professional festival. It is unique mainly by its interactivity. The weekend full of active photography within a carefully prepared programme with Český Krumlov providing the historic background. In our educational programme we provide lectures, workshops, expositions of technological news, discussions with experts or photo advisory centre take place for the whole Friday.
The event, which is unparalleled in the world of photography, gained favourable acceptance among participating experts, performers, partners, the media, and visitors, as well as the town itself. In two days, the town listed in UNESCO World Heritage becomes a place for encounter of professionals, fans, and people moving in front of and behind the camera. It is a great place to gather experience, new contacts, and to improve knowledge. The general public with no interest in the art form itself will find the things of their own taste. Accompanying programmes will take place in the centre of the town for the whole day. Interesting music bands, dance, and photogenic performances will be seen in the evening on the main stage. The whole rich programme will be topped with the night after party. Český Krumlov will liven up with photography again next year, in June 2015.


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