The most photogenic festival of the year will take place in Český Krumlov.

On the second weekend in June, the Open – Air PHOTO festival will bring the most interesting things from the world of photography. The whole town centre will liven up with photography. The event is intended for the general public, the experts, and the whole families. We offer the latest trends, exhibitions, lectures, practical workshops, competitions, and meeting both Czech and International experts. The programme and quality background have been carefully designed and will enable to spend a weekend full of (not only) photographical experiences.

Why Český Krumlov?
Jiří Macháček, the director of the Innovate agency realising the whole project, explains the reason for choosing a town instead of, for instance, exhibition halls as a location for the introductory year of the Open – Air PHOTO festival: „A town brings both practical and comfortable background to visitors. And above all, thanks to amazing photogenic appearance and genius loci of Český Krumlov, it will be a unique „street“ event, where all photo fans definitely find things of their interest. In addition to it, Český Krumlov is a town interested in photography as such – there is a school with photography branch, Museum of photography, and two photo clubs.

The programme has been designed so that every visitor could enjoy not only taking photos with all senses during both festival days. The visitors can compare, test, and touch various photo equipments, to attend lectures and then try everything in practice within “practical workshops“. They can meet and discuss not only with Czech and International experts, but they can share experiences and findings with other visitors, or to learn about various school and photo clubs. No matter if the visitor is interested in new technologies, desires to reveal tricks and secrets of professionals or wants to take delight in exhibitions of photographs. The festival will be an enjoyable experience for the whole families even with little children. Everybody will find things of interest, both photography fans and the general public without photography ambitions, which can enjoy music production, competitions, exhibitions, or for instance the Glamour Party, which will take place in the local club City Longue.

Many chances to catch a beautiful, unconventional, and interesting pictures will be offered to all visitors around the whole town centre – in the castle, jail, cellars, winding streets, gardens, by the river, and at many others photogenic places. Thanks to these natural spaces and nooks, there will be a kind of „islands” by respective photographical genres, techniques, and programme.
„The photo festival, which will liven up the whole town, shows what and how is possible to photograph, no matter if you only take pictures with your mobile from time to time, you are amateur photographer, semi professional, or you just look for a eventful festival, where you can spend the whole weekend and find many things to discover“ says Jiří Macháček. Professional decorations, lighting, photo models, and specialized staff are taken for granted.

Photographic genres

It will be focused on people – portraits, fashion, children, weddings, street art, documentary, glamour, nude, and others. The visitors can look forward to many photographic opportunities, such as photography under water, man and fire, body painting, or fairy tale characters.

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