The exhibition dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the birth of photographer. Martinček`s work is exceptional in the genre range, the author tried to create “art dictionary of liptov country”. He shown his life`s theme in different levels – from close-ups of natural materials and elements, through images of landscape and details of folk architecture, still life in the interiors of wooden houses to photographic stories about life, of mostly old people. They were often social outsiders – nevertheless they managed to live in harmony with the natural order of things.

The exhibition is held under the auspices of Pavel Paska, President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

© Martin Martinček, from the colection of Slovak National Gallery

  • Opening: 3. 7. 2013, 6.00 p.m.
  • Exhibitions dates: 3. 7. – 1. 9. 2013
  • Organizers: FOTOFO, Slovak national museum in Martin
  • Address: Prepoštská 4, Bratislava
  • Opened daily from Tuesday to Sunday from 1 p.m.to 6 p.m.