Our magazine has started a great cooperation with Robert Vano Gallery. Roberto Vano is a master photographer who was featured and interviewed in SAM 03. We bring you a first article about its series called “Invisible photographers“.

Marieta Zuzíková

photo - Marieta Zuzíková

Quating Mr. Robert Vano: „You have to see the photo, otherwise it doesn`t exist! All invisible photographers have in common great love to photography and a strong need to grow up, get better and learn new things… From their stories you can feel deep humility and stamina.“

Invisible photographers is an ongoing project managed by Robert Vano Gallery. Last year team of  Robert Vano Gallery and brought 15 unknown photographers into public attention and 22 more are in plan for this year. All of them own a portfolio which in many cases even beats the professional photographers. The biggest challenge in the upcoming future is to organize a common exhibition in Bratislava and Prague and to publish a catalog in the beginning of 2015.