A new academic year is here and so the new SAM. Magazine has been exposed to small cosmetic changes. We have changed design little bit and added a new section named G@LLERY, where you can find pictures from you – readers. Again, we have obtained great pictures from authors all over the world. It makes our opinion, that world is full of talented and great artists, even stronger. But very often, we find these artists randomly.

It may seem, that in today’s connected global world of internet would not be a problem to collect information about art, authors and their creation, but the exact opposite is the truth. There is great number of pictures, paintings, graphic design artworks and many others techniques on the internet. But this mixture of art creates chaos and is hard to find some direction. It takes a lot, a lot of time. Our magazine can save this time for you. It invites you to see wide range of authors and different styles. We are seeking instead of you new interested authors as well as photographic stars that inspire us.

But he won`t find all of them. We would be happy if you didn`t hesitate and draw our attention to your work or to creation of other interesting photographers or artists.

Looking forward for your posts!

Again, a lot of inspiring videos in the online version!

List of published authors

Peter Ondrejkovič, Becher Art, Pavol Kulkovský, Ľubomír Majerský, Štefan Kardoš, Ivan Kašša, Šymon Kliman, Petronela Dostálová, Andrea Švecová, Martin Imrich, Tamara Černá,
Zdeněk Řivnáč, Marian Garai, Henrich Kaczor, Libor Nývlt, Marián Sztrecsko, Edina Erdélyiová, Michal Zahornacký, Gréta Zubová, Barbora Bezáková, Ema Krasnanská, Lucia Undesserová, Veronika Otepková, Peter Briatka, Magnus Lindbom, André Brito, Anette Mossbacher, Thomas Shahan, Alberto Paredes, Deepak Ghosh, Pavel Titovich, Karol Križan, Juraj Marec