We have been thinking a lot about how to introduce the sixth issue of our magazine. Should we write about artistic creation? About subjective perception of art or about what makes artist an artist? No. We decided to write little about upcoming holidays and link it to art. X-mas has become more a good trademark than a peaceful holiday. Almost each one of us knows that stress and rush. But it does not matter how big and expensive present you will get. The true value lays in joy of giving. And the same thing can be found in art. Emotions and feedback are always important especially if you create for others not just for yourself. We present artists who are special and are interested in. We do our best to collect different kind of styles and it results in such a colorful mosaic.

The hardest thing is to get authors` trust that their works will not be misused. To create a very first issue with no significant proof, that was a goal.  But we get new knowledge and new confidence with each new issue coming out. A lot of work is needed but it is worth it. Let’s SAM be your companion during the long winter evenings.

SAM 06


List of authors:

Pavol Breier, Margaret Broz, Matej Michalík, Rebeka Vodrážková, Martin Mesároš, Lukáš Kubala, Laco Maďar, Ivan Mocko, Ivan Džugan, Michal Hellmet, Alexey Alexeev, Petr Bambousek, Erlend Mork, Ricardo Funari, Mariska Karto, Martin Pustelník, Ivano Coltellacci, Roman Vaňúr, Gabriela Kolčavová

Pictures sent by our readers can be found in section G@LLERY…