A new outstanding issue is here. It is full of new pictures which are bringing new sort of inspiration. We are trying to present an optimal mix of what is relevant in the world of art and photography and what matters.
Magazine production itself is not a very simple process. There is much effort in seeking and asking authors from all over the world. We are providing reasons why to share their artwork through our magazine with no direct reward.  Afterward a complicated and long communication follows between editorial board and authors. Once we have all inputs, we can start to work on layout, linguistic corrections and translations. Our editorial board counts two people.

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Exhaustion and stress disappear when we see the result. Such a big number of great arts push us forward to another issue.
SAM magazine is done with you and for you. We are glad that you publish in our journal and thanks for reading it. We would be happy to see your comments or remarks concerning our future improvement.

List of authors:

Judita Csáderová, Aňa Struhárová, Katarína Opatovská, Alena Červeňanská, Peter Majkut, Tomáš Kováčik, Dušan Beňo, Lukáš Faturík, Roman Hajnala, Miroslav Hvozdenský, Aleksey & Marina, David Ho, Dominic Rouse, Lorena Cordero, Mete Özbek, Milosz Wozaczynski, Kiyo Murakami, Zdeněk Řivnáč, NOBAF