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The ninth edition of the SAM magazine has arrived to you. One of the innovations is a new section titled Fotoreport where we would like to publish your traveler photos and stories. First story published and named Around Iceland in 7 days is sent by our colleague Tibor Rendek, who has recently visited this island and took great photos there. The new issue also brings an article about the old technique together with one more unusual – Solargraphy. Of course there remain great portfolios of photographers who sent us their work.

This month a sad news hit the world of photography. Mr Tibor Huszar, one of the most outstanding figures of Slovak and world photography, has recently passed away. But one thing can bring joy in these moments. His work remains with us together with his brilliant photographic vision. Have a good light Tibor…

List of auhors

Andrej Palacko (SK), Ľubomír Schmida (SK), Natália Hlavičková (SK), Jozef Virčík (SK), Lena Gallovičová (SK), Juraj Mravec (SK), Andrej Čulák (SK), Miro Svoreň (SK), Lenka Lochánová (SK), Martin Kšiňan (SK), Igor Amelkovich (RUS), Brunel Galhego (BR), Seth Siro Anton (GR), Per-Magnus Hedén (S), Leon Leijdekkers (NL), Piotr Biegaj (PL), Natalia Wiernik (PL), Boris Pophristov (BG), Ondřej Přibyl (CZ), Tibor Rendek (SK)