You are cordially invited to the opening of exhibition FOLLOWING THE CROSS.

Photographers: Andrej BÁN ǀ Pavol BREIER ǀ Michal FULIER ǀ Alan HYŽA ǀ Andrej LOJAN ǀ Laco MAĎAR ǀ Boris NÉMETH ǀ Jozef ONDZIK ǀ Jozef SEDLÁK ǀ Jindřich ŠTREIT ǀ Matúš ZAJAC

Opening will be held on Thursday on 2nd October 2014 at 4pm in gallery of Town Hall of City of Levoča, Square of Master Paul No. 2.


Thematic exhibition of contemporary documentary photography from production of Dom fotografie, interprets pilgrimages, Christian festivals and events, missions, and daily rituals following „cross“.
Curators:Ivana Pastorová, Lucia Benická
Special cooperation:Jozef Sedlák

Exhibition invitation (PDF)

Exhibition is open: 2.10.2014 – 16.11.2014, Monday – Sunday, 9am- 5pm..
Town Hall of City of Levoča, Square of Master Paul No. 2 ǀ ǀ


Belief and faith can be experienced in a different manner – the proof can be seen in Zvolen.

Everybody experiences the spritual world in a different manner and it can be shown in many ways. If you are willing to meet a point of view of three documentarists, please reserve your time to the end of September.

Jindřich Štreit, Matúš Zajac and Andrej Lojan cordially invite you to a joint exhibition called VARIATIONS. The opening will be held on 30.9.2012 at 3 pm in the SNG – Zvolenský zámok (Námestie SNP 594/1, Zvolen, Slovakia). The exhibition will be open until 30.9.2012.