Introducing project

As the editor of SAM which publishing is freezed for now (or FB page is still alive) I want to thank you for your support you have been giving to us. All issues of SAM are still available and downloadable in our archive.

But I am happy that can introduce our new web dofoto dedicated to documentary photography. It`s ambition is to become the base of photographers and a source of inspiration for all who loves documentary. It creates a possibility for presentation of great photographic series which are often unknown and not as recognized as they should be from our point of view. Site contains interviews with interesting personalities and reviews of photographic events and exhibitions. Our team is not afraid to present it`s view on the current state of documentary photography in Slovakia and we believe in constructive discussion.

Dofoto EN

dofoto shows the best of the emerging document in Slovakia and abroad. It sets and raises the quality standards of photographic series which are born in long-term projects, which go in depth and do not result in psychological superficiality and flatness.

I recommend you great interview with iranian photographer Fatemeh Behboudi or essay by Kim Thue.

dofoto will show life the way it really is and will publish stories of heaviness, love, difficulty and stories about people and their inner world. Our website contains the list of great photographers who devoted their carrier to capture the LIFE.

Juraj Marec