Jindřich Štreit, Matúš Zajac and Andrej Lojan cordially invite you to a joint exhibition called VARIATIONS – from a human´s life. The opening will be held on 6.6.2013 at 6 pm in the gallery Malá synagóga in Trnava (Haulikova 3). The exhibition will be open until 11.7.2013 and works presented will be available for sale.

Jindřich Štreit (*1946) is a Czech photographer and pedagogue known for his documentary photography is considered as one of the most important exponents of the Czech documentary photography. Štreit began taking photographs in 1964. In the late 1970s, Štreit’s approach to photography began to change. He graduated from the Institute with a cycle of theatrical photography. At the same time he continued in expanding his cycle of everyday life of the villages in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains. Additionally, he helped organize cultural life in the region; he participated in organizing exhibitions and concerts. In 1981, during the general elections in the former Czechoslovakia, Štreit documented the official course of the elections. In some of his photographs made during the meetings of the local authorities. The exhibition was banned by the state police and Štreit was arrested and accused of defamation of the President and the country.He was sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment with a suspended sentence of two years. He was banned from taking photographs, but he never respected the ban and returned to photography immediately after his release from the prison. The photography theorist Anna Fárová managed to include his works in the exhibition 9 + 9, visited by Henri Cartier-Bresson, who documented Štreit’s installation and published his photos in the French newspaper Le Monde. As of 2010, Štreit works as a teacher at the Institut tvůrčí fotografie (Institute of Creative Photography of Silesian University in Opava).

Matúš Zajac (*1971) has got the art education at FAMU in Prague and at the Academy of Fine Arts and design in Bratislava where he was fully interested in documentary photography in atelier of Ľubo Stacho. He finished studies in 2003. Consciously he links the document with visual elements. He works on long-term projects – Communities, Forms of faith, Immigrants, Confrontations – Asia and Portraits.

Andrej Lojan (*1979) is devoted to photography since 2001. Since that time he has led several photographic workshops and lessons about photography, he was an editor of magazine Mladý misonár and also a photo editor. In his photographic essays he presents various details of life, perception of the real values, and topics relating to social issues of worldwide. He is one of incorporators of PHOS association

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